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10 of the Best RV Vacation Destinations to Go to This Year

rv vacation destinations

There’s nothing like cruising down the highway in your RV knowing that you’ll soon arrive at an idyllic vacation spot. Planning an RV road trip is a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life for a while and enjoy the great outdoors. If this has got you daydreaming about your own RV road trip ideas, we get it. To help you pick the perfect getaway, check out these ten amazing RV vacation destinations.

1. South Padre Island

South Padre Island is a barrier island situated off Texas’ southern coast. The island has miles of beautiful beaches and family campgrounds where you can roll up and park your RV for a while!

Where to Stay

The best campground for RVers is Isla Blanca Park. This RV park gives you access to both green spaces and to the beach, meaning you get the best of both worlds!

Things to Do

There are tons of things to do in South Padre Island, which is why it’s such a popular vacation spot. For one, there are tons of fishing opportunities. You can either set up your reel on the seashore or can book a deep-sea fishing trip.

If you’d rather get out on the water for the day, take a dolphin-watching tour. These cheerful animals love to splash in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, making it a great place for you to see these creatures.

You can also try some thrilling activities such as parasailing, visiting one of the many local waterparks, or trying your hand at riding a jetski! No matter what activity you choose, you’ll love everything the area has to offer.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit this RV destination is between September and February. In March, Spring Breakers take over the island, making it a rowdy party town rather than an idyllic getaway. Plus, during the winter months, the temperatures sit at a comfortable 70ºF.

2. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a travel destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list. This incredible natural wonder is a place where you can watch Geysers shoot boiling hot water out of the earth.

This national park is located in Wyoming and spans hundreds of miles. It’s the perfect place to visit if you love hiking and checking out what our beautiful planet has to offer.

Where to Stay

Yellowstone National Park has on-site RV pull-ups. There are pull-ups with electric and sewer plugins, making it easier than ever for you to have a comfortable getaway.

Things to Do

During your visit to Yellowstone, there are a few must-see and do activities to check out. For one, swing by Old Faithful, the oldest geyser in the park.

You’ll also want to take the time to head over to the Grand Prismatic Hot Spring. This huge, colorful pool takes up about as much space as a football field!

If you don’t want to spend all your time at the Geysers, you can go hiking and rafting nearby. Near the entrance to the park, you’ll find white water rafting excursions which are a great add-on to your vacation!

Finally, don’t forget to go to a rodeo. This park is located in cowboy country, and you can head into the nearby towns to watch rodeos take place.

Best Time to Visit

October, September, and April are ideal months for visiting Yellowstone. These months are considered part of the off-season, which means you can steer clear of the huge flocks of tourists that this park attracts.

3. Vicksburg

People who love history and Southern hospitality will find Vicksburg a great place to visit. This historic town is home to old battlegrounds and war memorials where you can learn about the history of our nation.

Vicksburg is located in Mississippi. It’s close enough to town for you to enjoy spending a day at the local casinos or nightlife while far enough out for you to feel like you’re in the wilderness.

Where to Stay

There are tons of RV parks in Vicksburg, but the Ameristar RV Park is a great place to stay. There are limited sites, however, so make sure to arrive early to secure a parking spot.

Things to Do

You’ve got to head to the Vicksburg National Military Park while staying in the area. This park gives you the chance to wander through a historic Civil War site and learn about the history of this gruesome battle.

There’s also a national cemetery in this park. It’s a great place to wander around and check out so that you can learn about the many people that gave their lives to defend our nation.

Another great site to see in the area is the USS Cairo Museum. This museum lets you observe and board an old warship. There are tons of artifacts and weapons that experts rescued from this boat, making it a fun place for history buffs to hang out.

There’s even more history in the town surrounding this area, too. Take a tour of the many historic homes in the area or head to the historic Coca-Cola museum to learn how America’s favorite beverage was manufactured back in the day.

Best Time to Visit

Spring is the ideal time to make your way to Vicksburg since the temperatures sit in the 70s and 80s. Mississippi gets pretty warm during the summer months, which makes July and August especially months you’ll want to avoid.

4. Grand Canyon National Park

You’ll find Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona and is a huge natural wonder. This canyon is said to be the creation of a meteor that fell from the sky thousands of years ago. Today, it’s a beautiful outdoor recreational area to check out.

Where to Stay

If you want a true wilderness experience, park your RV in the middle of Grand Canyon National Park! It’s the easiest way to get 24-hour access to all the beauty and wonder of this incredible spot.

Things to Do

The Grand Canyon is a hiker’s paradise. The area has hundreds of trails winding down into the canyon, along the rim of the crater, and even in the valley of this beautiful gorge.

If hiking isn’t your thing, go for a mule ride down into the canyon. It’s a great way to see the natural wonder of this area without getting burned out!

An old village nearby the canyon is another fun experience. This village, called Tusayan Pueblo, is what’s left of an old Native American town. You’ll be able to learn about the history of the area and imagine what life was like years ago.

You can also enjoy rafting on the Colorado River that runs through the heart of the Canyon. This experience is like no other, giving you the chance to drift down the idyllic river with the walls of the canyon rising around you.

Finally, you can take a train ride on the Grand Canyon Railway. This train takes you on a scenic 60-mile train ride, offering a unique way to take in the area.

Best Time to Visit

If you’re going to visit Grand Canyon National Park, try planning your vacation between March and May or between September and November. The area gets very hot and crowded during the summer, making it best to avoid the area at that time.

5. Fort Wilderness

If you want to visit Disney but don’t want to stay in one of the flashy resorts, Fort Wilderness is a great place to go! This RV spot is located near Disney’s Magic Kingdom. It’s the ideal parking spot for RV owners who want to take an extended vacation.

Where to Stay

Fort Wilderness is a campground run by Disney, meaning you’ll get tons of unique amenities that you wouldn’t at any other spot! We recommend staying in this RV park rather than in one of the nearby RV campgrounds.

Things to Do

The main attraction at Fort Wilderness is, of course, the Disney parks. Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom are all located right near this park, making it a unique way to visit these famous theme parks.

Apart from your time in the theme parks, you can simply hang out at the campground. Go horseback riding or take a scenic carriage ride around the beautiful campground.

You can also get out on the water by renting kayaks or canoes. There are even motorized water activities for you to participate in while staying here!

At the end of the day, relax and unwind at the bonfire in the center of the campground. You’ll get to roast marshmallows and sing classic Disney songs while meeting fellow campers.

Best Time to Visit

You can pretty much guarantee that there will always be a crowd at Fort Wilderness, which means that any season you visit it will be fairly busy. However, if you set up your RV here during the week, you’ll be able to avoid long lines and big crowds.

6. Redwood National Park

There’s nothing quite like the towering trees in Redwood National Park. Redwoods are some of the tallest trees on earth and only grow in very specific areas. At Redwoods National Park, you’ll get to walk among these majestic trees and take in the incredible hiking trails in the area.

Where to Stay

Since Redwood National Park is a park itself, you’re able to park your RV here. There are a few size restrictions, however, so make sure to double-check before planning to pull up here.

Things to Do

Redwoods National Park is a huge park, with tons of unique nooks and crannies for you to check out. As you hike around this beautiful area, make sure to swing by a few key spots.

One spot is the Fern Grove. This grove features a creek running through the middle of it and is jam-packed with beautiful ferns. As you explore the creek you’ll appreciate the cooling canopy of redwoods overhead.

Outside the park is Gold Bluffs Beach. This beautiful beach lets you admire the ocean from the sand dunes. It’s the perfect place to end the day and watch the sunset.

If you love animals, you can also head out to Elk Meadow. Elk frequent this spot, making it a fantastic place to do some wildlife spotting.

Finally, make sure to take a drive down the Avenue of the Giants. This road runs right through the Redwoods and is a beautiful way to observe the majesty of this national park.

Best Time to Visit

The Fall months such as October and November are the best time to visit Redwood National Park. You’ll not only get to see the towering trees, but you’ll also have the opportunity to check out gorgeous fall colors!

7. Crater Lake National Park

You’ll find Crater Lake National Park in the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. This beautiful destination is a lake formed by a volcano that exploded hundreds of years ago. Today this lake’s beautiful blue waters attract visitors from all over the country.

Where to Stay

You can actually stay in the national park when visiting Crater Lake. That makes it even more convenient to check out what the park has to offer!

Things to Do

The main thing to do at Crater Lake National Park is to take a drive down Rim Drive. This road circles the lake, offering beautiful views of the pristine water from all angles. If you drive it at night, you’ll be able to see the stars reflected off the water.

If you want to actually get on the lake, you can take a boat out to Wizard Island. Wizard Island is located in the middle of the lake and is actually the tip of another volcano! It’s a unique place to explore and one of the only places in the world where you’ll find a volcano within a volcano.

There are great hiking opportunities around the lake, too. You can hike up to the top of Garfield Peak and take in beautiful views of the blue waters of the lake.

Finally, you won’t want to miss a chance to check out some of the beautiful waterfalls in the area. Pinnacle Falls is a waterfall located at the end of an easy hiking trail just off Rim Drive.

Best Time to Visit

Because Crater Lake is located in the mountains, it can get pretty chilly if you plan to visit during the winter. Instead, aim to camp out here between July and September. These months offer warm temperatures and clear skies ideal for hanging out at the park.

8. Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is a vacation spot unlike any other. This historical reenactment village brings the 18th century to life. You’ll be able to stroll among recreated buildings and learn about the early days of the United States while feeling as if you were really there!

Where to Stay

The Williamsburg/Busch Gardens Area KOA is the perfect place for RVers to stay when visiting this spot. The campground is located just a few minutes from all the historic and theme parks, making it a super convenient place to post up.

Things to Do

Colonial Williamsburg is the perfect place to simply wander the streets of a historic village and feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. Check out buildings such as the Governor’s Palace, the pharmacy, and tasty taverns where you can grab a bite to eat.

Nearby Williamsburg are Jamestowne and Yorktown. Jamestowne is a place where you can learn about the first settlers in the area while Yorktown takes you onto the battlefield of the Revolutionary War.

Aside from hanging out at the historic parks, you can visit nearby Busch Gardens. This is an amusement park that has tons of amazing rides, including a roller coaster with a drop at a 90º angle!

Williamsburg is also close to several breweries and wineries. If you love tasting new beverages you can head to one of these spots and experience the flavors of the countryside.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Colonial Williamsburg is during either the spring or the autumn. During these months the area is filled with color, as the spring means flowers are in full bloom and autumn gives you a chance to check out gorgeous fall leaves.

9. Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Another great place to go if you’re wanting to hit the road and check out the US via RV is Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Located in South Dakota’s Black Hills, this monument is a beautiful ode to four of America’s great presidents.

Where to Stay

There are plenty of campgrounds near the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. However, we recommend staying at Horsethief Lake Campground. This RV camp is located in the shadow of the mountains, giving you great views of the monument from your campsite.

Things to Do

Aside from checking out the impressive stone carvings, there is tons to do at Mount Rushmore. Whether you want adrenaline-filled activities or to learn about history, there’s something for everyone at this vacation spot.

Make sure you hike the Presidential Trail. This trail gives you the chance to get up close and personal with the founding fathers, as it winds in front of the beautiful carvings. Just be prepared for a steep climb to get up there!

For those who want to embrace their sense of adventure, there’s the Rushmore Tramway Adventure. This unique activity gives you the chance to ride a mini-tram down fast tracks. You’ll feel as though you’re on a roller coaster as you zip down the mountainside!

Another unique spot to check out is the Crazy Horse Memorial. This privately owned statue is said to be one of the largest in the world, and is a great add-on to those who loved the presidential carvings!

Best Time to Visit

Mount Rushmore National Park is a popular destination year-round, which makes it hard to avoid large crowds. However, the season starts to wind down around September, making October and September a good time to visit.

You can also head to the park during April or May. However, the area gets a lot of rain during these months, which can throw a wrench in your plans.

10. Arches National Park

Arches National Park is in Utah and is a park made up of beautiful rock formations. At this park, you’ll have the chance to check out more than 2000 natural stone arches in a beautiful desert setting. It’s an ideal place for feeling as though you’re truly in the wilderness.

Where to Stay

Portal RV Resort and Campground is a great choice for those heading to Arches National Park in their RV. The campground is about nine miles away from the park and is pet-friendly, meaning you can bring your furbabies here!

Things to Do

Aside from walking through the natural stone arches, there are tons of things that you can do at Arches National Park. First, make sure to take a drive through the park. This gives you a beautiful overview of all the stunning rock formations in the area!

Once you’ve seen your fill of the beautiful rock formations, head down to Wolfe Ranch. Wolfe Ranch is home to historic buildings and gives you the chance to learn about what early life was like in the area.

If you love biking, we recommend renting a couple of bikes and heading down to the Slickrock Trail. This popular biking spot gives you the chance to get out on the desert rocks in a unique way!

Nearby Arches National Park is Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. This is a great place to enjoy some water activities, including launching yourself into the water on a rope swing!

Best Time to Visit

There are two main seasons when you can visit Arches National Park. From April to May and from September to October you’ll be able to enjoy cooler temperatures and avoid the scorching summer sun. Avoid major holidays such as Memorial Day and Labor Day, however, as these days draw huge crowds.

Hit the Road and Visit These RV Vacation Destinations

These RV vacation destinations are amazing places for outdoor enthusiasts to visit. They’re a great way to explore more of the US and to enjoy some time away from the daily grind.

When you’re not on vacation, you’ll need to find a place to store your RV. Contact Kingston Ideal Storage for the best RV storage facilities!