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24 Hour Self Storage Near Me: Top Myths About Self Storage

24 hour self storage near me

Research shows that 41% of millennials have admitted to using self-storage options. Many of these people used storage units despite living in a home with two to three bedrooms.

Renting self-storage is not always about a lack of space in your home. You may be looking for a 24-hour self-storage near me for large items that need a safe place.

You may need a place to store your RV, car, or even a boat. More and more people are starting to take advantage of self storage facilities because they are so useful.

Keep reading to find out how to find a 24-hour self-storage near me.

They Are Expensive

One of the most common myths you are going to hear about self-storage facilities is that they are expensive. This is a rumor that has been going around for a very long time.

The reality is that self-storage is not too expensive for most people. It costs money, but you are paying for the value that comes from renting your own storage unit.

There are different storage units you can choose from, with different options having different prices. For what you are getting, your monthly fee is not usually going to be excessive.

For those who want a safe place to store their items, this is well worth the cost. Your items will be kept safe in your unit away from burglars and out of the elements.

In many instances, you stuff will be more secure here than it would be in your own home.

Self-Storage Units Have Limited Services

Are you interested in a 24-hour self-storage near me? You may have avoided making this decision because you didn’t want to pay for something that offered limited services.

Many people assume that self-storage only provides one function, which is to store your items. But most self-storage facilities have a lot more to offer for their renters.

For instance, Kingston Ideal Storage offers 24/7 service if you need anything. Whether you are looking to rent a unit or you’re already renting a unit and need assistance, someone is always available.

You also have the options of choosing from boat storage, RV storage, and self storage. You can even rent a U-Haul if you need to move your items from your unit.

Most self-storage facilities are not only about storage like people assume. More and more are starting to add additional services that help to make life a little easier.

Self-Storage Units Are Unsafe

Another very common myth about using a self-storage unit is the worry about safety. Many people refuse to get a storage unit because they believe their items can be stolen.

The reality is that the best self-storage facility is going to counteract this fear. A high-quality facility will have state-of-the-art security systems and cameras monitoring the property.

These facilities know that you are putting your trust in them to protect your items. Many of these facilities are also security code protected, so not just anyone can enter the property.

Some facilities even have a live-in property manager that watches over everything. No matter what you want to store in your unit, you can rest easy knowing everything is safe.

They Are Outdated

Many people look at self-storage units and think that they are dingy and outdated. You may think that you might as well store your items in a dirty attic or garage for free instead.

When you go to choose a self-storage facility, you will see that this myth is not true. Most self-storage units now have roller door entrances that are sleek and modern looking.

Most of these units are also designed to look like a mini warehouse. They are kept clean and maintained so that the unit is in tip-top condition when you rent it.

Every storage unit is thoroughly cleaned before a new renter moves their stuff. Although, once you have begun renting your unit, it will be up to you to keep it clean.

You may want to take a day every month or every two months to sweep out your unit and rearrange things. You should avoid causing damage to the unit as you may be held liable.

They Have Pests

One very common myth that people believe is that storage units have pests. You may be afraid that there are going to be insects and mice running around all over your items.

The reality is that this is just not true regarding the majority of self-storage facility options. This would only be true if you were to go to a very low-cost and untrustworthy facility.

Cleanliness and safety are at the top of the priority list for facilities. They usually have pest control routines in place to prevent pests from ever making their home in the units.

They are also available if you find any pests in your unit, so they will take care of this for you. Every unit is also cleaned out before the next renter comes, helping to prevent pest infestation.

You Can Stay in The Unit

One self-storage myth that has caused issues for storage units is the belief that you can stay in the unit. Some people rent out a unit and end up trying to live in it themselves.

This is strictly against the policy of any self storage facility you go to. They are not designed for people, and most of these facilities are not insured for people to live in the units.

If you are found trying to live in your unit, you may be kicked out of your rental agreement completely. This is against the law, and you would be breaking the facility policy that you signed.

You would also be putting your health at risk since these are not structures meant to be lived in. They can become excessively hot in summer or cold in winter and don’t provide enough ventilation.

Anything Can be Stored in a Storage Unit

Another storage myth is that you can store anything in the unit that you are renting. While this is mostly true, there are some exceptions that you should be aware of.

Perishable items or hazardous items are going to be prohibited from being stored in your unit. This will usually be included in the facility policy that you have to sign.

These items could include food that could go bad and attract pests into your unit. It could also include chemicals or medications that are hazardous or could potentially become flammable.

Most storage units are only built two-house basic household items like furniture, holiday decor, or boxes. They are also safe for vehicles and boats, and even airplanes in some instances.

Self-Storage Is for Hoarders

A very common misconception about storage units is that they are for hoarders. It is true that there are plenty of hoarders out there that enjoy the benefits of renting units.

But that does not necessarily mean that only a hoarder would find a self-storage unit useful. Almost anyone could find a use for a storage unit if they have extra items.

Most people own a little more than they are home can hold, making it hard to find storage. You may be moving, and you need a place to keep your items until you have a new home to go to.

There are many reasons why a storage unit may come in handy if you aren’t simply hoarding items.

Signing Up for a Unit Is Difficult 

Many people believe that signing up to rent a storage unit is a hassle to deal with. This may be true for some facilities, but the majority of storage facilities like to keep things simple.

Same-day rentals are usually offered, allowing you to rent a unit the day that you book it. In most cases, renting a storage unit is no different than renting a rental car.

You simply need to give some personal information and sign some legal documents. From there, it will be up to you to move your items into your storage unit.

They Are Temporary

Many people avoid using self-storage because they believe it is temporary. You may not want to move all of your items into your rented unit only to have to move them all out later.

The reality is that many storage units can be rented long-term. Most facilities do not have a limit to how long you can use the unit, you just continue to rent it until you no longer need it.

Many people choose this option if they have extra vehicles or they have a boat. These are things that need a safe place to stay, but you may not have room at your home.

What Can You Store in a Storage Unit?

Most people choose to use a storage unit if they don’t have room in their homes. You may have extra furniture that doesn’t have a place or boxes of holiday decor that you only need occasionally.

These are smaller items that are very commonly found in storage units. It gives them a safe place to stay year-round without the risk of them being lost or cluttering your home.

People use storage units for much larger items as well. This could include small planes, boats, and vehicles of all kinds.

If you enjoy working on old cars, you may not have a place to do this on your own property. Or, if you are an avid fisherman, you may not have a driveway big enough for your boat.

How Much Does a Self-Storage Unit Cost?

One detail about finding 24-hour self-storage near me is the pricing. This is one of the biggest aspects that scares people away from renting a unit.

How much you are going to pay depends on the type of unit that you are renting. If you go with Kingston Ideal Storage, you have the option of covered and uncovered storage.

Uncovered storage allows you to park your boat or vehicle in your own lot. This is generally a cheaper option and allows you to park for as little as $119 a month up to $189 a month.

The amount you pay will depend on the size of the boat, vehicle, or RV that you are parking. For covered storage, you could end up paying as high as $515 a month for your unit.

These prices all depend on the size of your boat, vehicle, or RV. When compared to other storage options for these items, these prices are some of the best.

A basic self-storage unit can cost as little as $174 or $399 a month. This depends on the size of the unit you need, so it is a good idea to have measurements in mind.

These are considered to be highly competitive prices since facilities can become quite expensive. The option that you choose needs to depend on what you need to store and what your budget is.

24-Hour Self-Storage Near Me: Common Myths Debunked

Are you looking for 24-hour self-storage near me? If you are, you may have had difficulty choosing a self-storage facility, especially if you have heard the common myths.

The good news is that these self-storage myths are usually not true. Storage facilities are often misunderstood and have a bad reputation that is not founded on any evidence.

Do you want to rent a self-storage unit for a boat or RV? Contact us today at Kingston Ideal Storage to book a self-storage, boat, or RV unit at a fair price.