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6 Reasons to Use Covered Storage for Your Boat or RV

covered storage

RV ownership is at an all-time high. Many people love getting out into nature with their boats or RVs, but storing them can be a serious pain. If you don’t have a large garage or a marina nearby, where are you supposed to put your new recreational vehicle? 

Have you considered covered storage? Storage facilities aren’t just for self-storage. They can also store boats and RVs.

We’re here to talk about all of the reasons you should consider covered storage for your boat or RV so you can make an informed decision. Read on to learn more. 

1. You Don’t Have to Worry About the Weather

Most people who have boats or RVs end up storing them outside. Any medium-to-large-sized boat or RV won’t fit in an average garage, and many people don’t have garages at all. Because of that, the boat or RV has nowhere else to go but outdoors.

Most of the time, this is fine. Boats and RVs are made to be outside and they’re fairly weather-resistant. Too much bad weather could put excess wear and tear on your vehicles, however.

You don’t want your boat outside when it’s snowing. If there’s some kind of extremely bad weather, like hail, hurricanes, tornados, typhoons, or other major weather events, you don’t want any of your vehicles outside if you can help it. They could get damaged. 

Covered RV and boat storage is a great solution here. You can tuck your boat or RV out of harm’s way even if you don’t have a garage.

2. It Protects Your Boat or RV From Other People

There are other potential dangers to your boat or RV that have nothing to do with the weather. You also have to think about the threat of other people.

People may try to steal your boat or RV, or, at the very least, steal from it. Thieves are everywhere, and if you have a boat or RV in your yard, you may look like a more valuable target. These vehicles aren’t cheap!

Even if no one is trying to steal from you, they may cause damage to your boat or RV (on purpose or by accident). 

To prevent this problem, cover up your vehicle! Covered boat and RV storage will keep your boat or RV safe and sound. No one will be able to access it aside from you. 

3. It Saves Space at Home

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have ample space at home for a boat or RV, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have one. Just because you live in an apartment or a home without a large garage or driveway doesn’t mean that you can’t have a boat or RV!

Covered boat storage and RV storage gives you a place to put your large vehicles if you don’t have adequate room for them at home. 

This is extra helpful for people who once had more than enough room, but no longer do. Instead of selling your boat or RV, you can pay a low monthly price for boat and RV storage. 

Even if you do have room at home, you may not want to take up that space with a boat or RV. You don’t want your outdoor space to look too cramped, and you may want to use your garage for other purposes. 

4. It’s Convenient

Some people think that offsite boat and RV storage is inconvenient, but this isn’t true. 

It may be less convenient than having your boat or RV at home at all times, but it’s more convenient than keeping your boat at a marina (in some cases). 

If you use a covered boat and RV storage, you can go see your vehicle whenever you need it. You can access it at any hour of the day. If you decide to go for an early morning boat ride or road trip, no problem. 

If you’ve been considering a marina instead, that’s really only a good idea if you live close to the water. If you’re far away, it’s hard for you to access your boat and you may be less likely to use it. 

5. It May Be Better for the Environment

Did you know that using boat or RV storage may be better for the environment? Why is that?

While it’s not common for well-maintained vehicles, both boats and RVs can leak oil onto the ground or into the water. That’s terrible for local wildlife. While it’s not ideal for oil to leak in a storage facility, it’s better than the alternative.

6. It Keeps Your Boat or RV in Good Condition

Let’s face it: your boat or RV wasn’t cheap. You want to protect your investment. By putting it in covered storage, that’s what you’re doing. You’re protecting it from the elements, from other people, and even from other vehicles. 

The low cost of self-storage is more than worth the full-time security and protection of your vehicle. 

Is Covered Storage Right for Your RV or Boat? 

If you have an RV or boat at home taking up space in your driveway or garage, why not invest in covered storage instead? It will protect your boat, protect the environment, and save some space at home. 

It’s more affordable than you think, so it’s a worthwhile investment.

At Ideal Storage, we offer personal self-storage as well as covered boat and RV storage. Check out our storage options and contact us today to rent out your storage unit.