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7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Boat Storage Facilities

boat storage facilities

Are you helping your boat find its own home? It’s a big decision to make, but your ship can’t live with you forever, and it isn’t always safe out on the marina. It needs its own space.

Fortunately, boat storage facilities exist to protect your vessel while you’re not out sailing the seas. It will give it the home that it needs and ensure it’s always safe and secure. You’ll even be able to visit.

But how do you know what storage unit is right for you? While you might get a good feeling while taking a look inside, there are some extra questions that you should ask. If you want to be sure your boat is happy in its new home, then keep your eyes open for these features before you sign the agreement.

1. What Is the Boat Storage Facility’s Security?

If you’re going to get any sleep at night, you want to ensure that the facility where you’re storing your boat has the best security. One look at the company should tell you all you need. You want to look out for:

  • A surrounding neighborhood
  • Good lighting
  • A locked gate that requires a code
  • Secure locks on each of the units that can’t be cut
  • The construction quality of the units
  • The type of fencing used around the facility
  • The number of security cameras

You should also ask the owner about their security measures. If they have alarms or base monitoring, then you’re in safe hands.

2. How Clean Is the Facility?

While it’s likely you’re most interested in where your boat is going to get stored, you should also take a tour of the other units and around the whole facility. You want to be sure that the place is clean and orderly. 

You don’t want to visit your boat and find it covered in dirt, grease, and other elements that can affect your vessel’s components. Ideally, there shouldn’t be any sign of rodents either, so keep an eye out for traps or other pest deterrents.

3. How Do You Access Your Boat After Hours?

You don’t want to have schedule dates to visit your boat. It’s better to have 24-hour access to it without having to wake up a security guard to let you into the facility.

While you want your storage unit secure from the general public, you still want it to be simple to access when you need to. Ask about the after-hours process in case you ever get a craving for some late night fishing.

4. What Insurance Does the Facility Have?

If you need extra comfort knowing that your boat is protected, then ask your facility about their insurance plan. Some will provide Self Storage Insurance to protect against fires, theft, and other accidents. You should only consider this if you’re not feeling comfortable with the setup of the storage units.

5. Is the Facility Climate Controlled?

While it costs a bit extra, it’s worth considering a climate-controlled storage unit. If any of the materials inside your vessel are particularly sensitive to the heat or the cold, then instead of wrapping everything in plastic, you can have a unit that stores everything at the correct temperature.

Different types of boats are fitted with various materials that can get damaged if it’s too hot or cold. Some of the items you’ll need to consider are:

  • Electronic items used for navigation
  • Your boat engine
  • The furniture inside the boat
  • The materials for seating
  • Any linen or fabrics beneath the deck
  • The tools you store on your boat
  • All of the fishing equipment on your boat
  • Freezers and other cooling compartments
  • Canvas or sails that may get damp

Make sure that your boat is spotless before you store it for a long period of time. When you return to it, you don’t want to find any nasty infestations.

6. Do They Offer Different Unit Sizes?

Boats come in all sizes and shapes, so boat storage facilities should also cater to this. While you’re comparing storage fees, you should calculate that to a per yard cost.

The more space your boat has, the better. Most of the dents and dings that a vessel catches come when it’s out of the water. You don’t want to have a unit that’s too tight that you’ll damage your prized possession.

7. Does the Facility Have Good References and Reviews?

The owner showing you around the facility might say all of the right things and give you complete confidence that this is the storage unit of your dreams, it’s also worth seeing what their customers are saying. A quick social media scan or search engine review should give you everything you need to know about how customers and clients feel about the company. 

Some owners will even supply this information to you to save you the trouble. However, you should still your own search to remove any doubts that the owners aren’t hiding anything from you.

When Can Your Boat Move In?

If your vessel is going to live a long and healthy life, then you need the assurance that you’re keeping it in one of the best boat storage facilities you can find. If it has these features, then you can rest assured you’re not sinking your money into a dud.

Our state of the art facilities is perfect for boats. It doesn’t matter if it’s for the short term or your dropping anchor for a lengthy stay, we provide the care that you expect. Contact us today to find out why you should dock your boat with us.