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8 Reasons You Should Use a Car Storage Facility

car storage facility

Maybe you have a summer convertible that you’re not driving in the winter, or there’s a big family vacation coming up and no space left in the garage; instead of feeling stressed about where to leave your vehicle, consider a car storage facility.

Many people think that storage units are mainly for furniture or additional items, but there are also storage options for your car! Outside of your home, your car is one of the largest investments you make, and leaving it out in the open can be dangerous. 

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why a car storage facility is the right option for you.

1. Great Security

Whether you’re parking your car on the street or your driveway, leaving it out for an extended period of time increases the risk of damage. Not only will you have to deal with harsh weather, but there is always the potential of vandalism or theft. 

Of course, it’s tempting to leave your car parked outside because it is the most affordable option but think about how much it will cost you if anything were to happen. Self-storage units are water and fireproof; there are anti-vandal box locks with industrial-strength padlocks and 24/7 CCTV surveillance.

The peace of mind you’ll have knowing your car is in safe hands is worth the small investment. 

2. Have More Space

Let’s face it; it’s not only large vehicles like RV that take up a lot of space on the street or driveway. Space for cars is a premium nowadays, especially if you live in a crowded city. 

Keeping your car in a storage unit facility will free up space at home without worrying about any damage happening to your vehicle. Before you sign up for a unit, be sure to measure the dimensions of the car accurately. The last thing you want to do is get a unit that is a little too small, forcing you to climb out of the back window on storage day. 

3. Apartment or HOA Requirements

If you’ve recently moved into an HOA-based subdivision or apartment, you know that there are a handful of advantages. However, almost all of these contracts have a clause about additional vehicles and where it’s okay to park them.

This isn’t a problem if you only have a couple of cars but what if you have more? What if you are an antique car collector? The HOA is powerful, and it isn’t easy to win a case over them, so you’re better off finding alternatives.

As you may have guessed, the best alternative is looking at all the best storage facility options. This will allow you to keep as many cars as you wish at a safe and secure location. No more worrying about butting heads with the HOA!

4. Won’t Break the Bank

You may be reading about all these benefits and thinking it will cost you a fortune. While it can’t compare to keeping your car at home (presuming it’s free), the security risks often outweigh the affordability. This is particularly true for any vehicles that you don’t use often. 

There is the option of keeping your car in a private lot, but these can get expensive really quickly, and they don’t offer the same protection as car storage units. That’s why there is no way to beat self-storage units. They offer the best protection and are almost always cost-effective.

You can usually choose fixed packages or flexible monthly payments that are tailored to what you need. Many of these units also include insurance that covers your car if anything were to happen.  

5. Hide Presents From Nosy Family

This may seem like a silly reason to keep your car in storage, but it is an additional benefit! Whether it’s a huge gift for your curious toddler or a sweet gift for your partner, you can’t always keep rooms locked—this is sure to make people suspicious. 

Instead of risking a nosy family member snooping about and ruining the surprise, why not invest in vehicle storage? Sure, this might not be the sole reason why you want to keep your car in a safe place, but it sure helps. 

6. Access to Detailing Services

This may not be an option for every storage facility, but one of the best reasons to keep your car in a unit is the access you’ll have to their services. This usually includes protection and wrap services as well as professional detailing for both the interior and exterior. 

Leaving your car parked on the street or in a garage for an extended period of time means taking the risk of slow degradation of vehicle parts or coating. If you leave it in a facility that provides detailing services, you’ll extend the vitality of your vehicle. 

7. Keep Collection Safe 

Vehicle collecting isn’t going anywhere. If you love rare cars and go through the trouble of acquiring them, you shouldn’t have to give up your hobby because there isn’t space. Instead, invest in quality storage and expand your collection with ease.  

The peace of mind you’ll have knowing your valuable vehicles are safe is priceless. 

8. Ready to Drive Whenever

People tend to be worried about leaving their car in a storage facility out of fear that it’ll make it inconvenient to drive, but the reality is that your car will be ready to drive out of the lot whenever you need it! You can rest easy knowing that a car storage unit is easy to access, so you can fetch your car whenever it’s needed. 

Reasons You Should Use a Car Storage Facility

You never know the circumstances that life will throw at you. Whether it’s a trip away from home or the need for extra security, a car storage facility can make your life easier without going emptying your wallet. It can be a tough decision to make, especially if you have a garage. 

However, there’s no beating all the benefits of a car storage facility. Once you’re able to park it and leave it, you’ll know you made the right decision.

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