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Take a moment and think about your home. It’s likely full of memories, priceless items, and…extra stuff. These things may be important, but it isn’t easy knowing where to store them. You’re not alone. Around 65% of self-storage renters have a garage but rent a unit. This suggests that people don’t have enough space for storing personal belongings. Instead of living in a cluttered and stressful home, it’s time to look for a self-storage unit.

This will help you free up space without having to get rid of important items. But how can you know which self-storage facility is right for you? Here are factors to consider when you’re deciding between different options.

Let’s get started!

1. Where Is the Self Storage Facility Located?

Before taking the steps to declutter your home, you’ll want to consider the location of the self-storage facility.

This is critical because you don’t want to sign up for a place that is inconvenient to get to. Look for a facility that is near your home or business. This will reduce the inconvenience of traveling long distances to get your stored items whenever you need them.

If these items don’t require quick access, then location might not be a huge factor but for many people, finding a place nearby is necessary. Self-storage units in the middle of the city tend to be more expensive, so that’s something to consider if you’re looking for a facility near your place of business.

2. How Much Will It Cost Me?

Before you decide to get a unit, you’ve likely made an inventory of what will need to be stored and what your self-storage budget is. You’ll want to get a unit that offers the best value for the money you’re spending.

The pricing varies depending on several factors. This includes the size of the unit, features, and amenities offered, and location.

Be careful with any facilities that may have hidden fees. This can spike the final price.

When comparing costs between different facilities, think about your priorities. This will help you decide if a unit is worth paying a little extra for. You don’t want to sacrifice too much for the quality, even if the price tag is tempting.

3. Are There Any Discounts Offered?

Speaking of cost, many self-storage facilities offer discounts and deals if you decide to store your personal belongings with them. This can include promotions when you first sign up with them or discounts if you’re a long-term renter.

Keep an eye out for the different facilities you’re deciding between, see if any of them are advertising a deal. You can also call all of your different options directly and ask if there are any discounts that will help them earn your business.

Be aware of any facilities that have a deal that seems too good to be true. They may have hidden fees or less than ideal conditions.

4. What Sizes Are Offered?

There are different self-storage unit sizes depending on what you need. Everything from a place to store a couple of boxes to RV storage is available. Before starting your journey on comparing unit sizes, think about everything you need to store.

It might be a good idea to get a unit that is a little bigger than you think you’ll need. This will save you from a headache if you decide to store additional items in your storage unit. The last thing you need is a cluttered home and a cluttered self-storage unit.

5. What Type of Security Is Necessary?

Although you may not want to think about the potential of your items getting stolen or damaged, it’s always good to be prepared for the worst. Many self-storage facilities offer various security measures to help you have peace of mind when it comes to your belongings.

Look for a unit that is in a low-crime area and see how sturdy the units are against harsh weather.

6. What Type of Amenities Are Provided?

Since you’ll be spending your hard-earned money on this storage unit, check for one with features that make it worth storing your items.

This can include a variety of things, not limited to:

  • Good lighting
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Video Surveillance
  • Climate controlled units
  • Quality customer service

Although you may not find all of these amenities useful, each of them can bring you comfort knowing your items are in the right hands.

7. Does the Facility Offer Transportation?

This may seem like a strange factor to consider, but it can be a dealbreaker when making a final decision between two facilities. Some storage units offer free moving trucks, under certain conditions, or even transportation from your home to the unit.

Transportation won’t necessarily be free, but that can be a huge benefit if someone needs to access the unit and doesn’t have a vehicle.

8. Does the Storage Unit Facility Have Good Reviews?

One of the best ways to know you’re making the right choice is to check references and reviews. You can depend on trustworthy friends to give you references to storage units they’ve used in the past and loved. There are also online reviews from strangers; many of them will outline all of the pros and cons of the facility you’re looking at.

Choosing the Right Self-Storage Unit

It’s no secret that clutter and stress are correlated. It can intensify any feelings of frustration and exhaustion that you already have, and no amount of organizing or cleaning can fix it. That’s when you need to look for a self-storage unit.

You will have a safe and convenient place to keep important items without having to spend all of your savings. As you look for different facilities, consider the most important factors before making a decision. This will ensure that you find the right unit for your needs.

Looking for the best self-storage in the Kingston, WA area? Look no further than Ideal Storage! Read more about our facilities and be sure to contact us when you’re ready to free up some space.

Maybe you have a summer convertible that you’re not driving in the winter, or there’s a big family vacation coming up and no space left in the garage; instead of feeling stressed about where to leave your vehicle, consider a car storage facility.

Many people think that storage units are mainly for furniture or additional items, but there are also storage options for your car! Outside of your home, your car is one of the largest investments you make, and leaving it out in the open can be dangerous. 

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why a car storage facility is the right option for you.

1. Great Security

Whether you’re parking your car on the street or your driveway, leaving it out for an extended period of time increases the risk of damage. Not only will you have to deal with harsh weather, but there is always the potential of vandalism or theft. 

Of course, it’s tempting to leave your car parked outside because it is the most affordable option but think about how much it will cost you if anything were to happen. Self-storage units are water and fireproof; there are anti-vandal box locks with industrial-strength padlocks and 24/7 CCTV surveillance.

The peace of mind you’ll have knowing your car is in safe hands is worth the small investment. 

2. Have More Space

Let’s face it; it’s not only large vehicles like RV that take up a lot of space on the street or driveway. Space for cars is a premium nowadays, especially if you live in a crowded city. 

Keeping your car in a storage unit facility will free up space at home without worrying about any damage happening to your vehicle. Before you sign up for a unit, be sure to measure the dimensions of the car accurately. The last thing you want to do is get a unit that is a little too small, forcing you to climb out of the back window on storage day. 

3. Apartment or HOA Requirements

If you’ve recently moved into an HOA-based subdivision or apartment, you know that there are a handful of advantages. However, almost all of these contracts have a clause about additional vehicles and where it’s okay to park them.

This isn’t a problem if you only have a couple of cars but what if you have more? What if you are an antique car collector? The HOA is powerful, and it isn’t easy to win a case over them, so you’re better off finding alternatives.

As you may have guessed, the best alternative is looking at all the best storage facility options. This will allow you to keep as many cars as you wish at a safe and secure location. No more worrying about butting heads with the HOA!

4. Won’t Break the Bank

You may be reading about all these benefits and thinking it will cost you a fortune. While it can’t compare to keeping your car at home (presuming it’s free), the security risks often outweigh the affordability. This is particularly true for any vehicles that you don’t use often. 

There is the option of keeping your car in a private lot, but these can get expensive really quickly, and they don’t offer the same protection as car storage units. That’s why there is no way to beat self-storage units. They offer the best protection and are almost always cost-effective.

You can usually choose fixed packages or flexible monthly payments that are tailored to what you need. Many of these units also include insurance that covers your car if anything were to happen.  

5. Hide Presents From Nosy Family

This may seem like a silly reason to keep your car in storage, but it is an additional benefit! Whether it’s a huge gift for your curious toddler or a sweet gift for your partner, you can’t always keep rooms locked—this is sure to make people suspicious. 

Instead of risking a nosy family member snooping about and ruining the surprise, why not invest in vehicle storage? Sure, this might not be the sole reason why you want to keep your car in a safe place, but it sure helps. 

6. Access to Detailing Services

This may not be an option for every storage facility, but one of the best reasons to keep your car in a unit is the access you’ll have to their services. This usually includes protection and wrap services as well as professional detailing for both the interior and exterior. 

Leaving your car parked on the street or in a garage for an extended period of time means taking the risk of slow degradation of vehicle parts or coating. If you leave it in a facility that provides detailing services, you’ll extend the vitality of your vehicle. 

7. Keep Collection Safe 

Vehicle collecting isn’t going anywhere. If you love rare cars and go through the trouble of acquiring them, you shouldn’t have to give up your hobby because there isn’t space. Instead, invest in quality storage and expand your collection with ease.  

The peace of mind you’ll have knowing your valuable vehicles are safe is priceless. 

8. Ready to Drive Whenever

People tend to be worried about leaving their car in a storage facility out of fear that it’ll make it inconvenient to drive, but the reality is that your car will be ready to drive out of the lot whenever you need it! You can rest easy knowing that a car storage unit is easy to access, so you can fetch your car whenever it’s needed. 

Reasons You Should Use a Car Storage Facility

You never know the circumstances that life will throw at you. Whether it’s a trip away from home or the need for extra security, a car storage facility can make your life easier without going emptying your wallet. It can be a tough decision to make, especially if you have a garage. 

However, there’s no beating all the benefits of a car storage facility. Once you’re able to park it and leave it, you’ll know you made the right decision.

If you live in the Kingston, WA area and need storage, you don’t need to look any further than Ideal Storage. Be sure to look at our site tour and contact us today!

More than 11 million people living in America own a recreational vehicle (RV). That number is only expected to keep going up. The onset of COVID-19 has made traveling in RVs more attractive than flying in an airplane or staying in a hotel, especially for families. 

However, RVs can cost up to about $300,000, and even more for high-end models. For that much money, most Americans would be able to afford a house. You want to be choosing storage units that will protect such an important investment. 

Choosing storage units is about more than finding one at the best price or the one that comes with the most amenities, like air-conditioning or 24/7 security on site. There are a lot of factors that must go into your decision. 

We have narrowed down the top 7 tips on how to choose the best types of storage units if you are a new RV owner. Keep reading below.

1. Location, Location, Location

The location of your RV storage unit is critical. You want to pick a storage unit facility that is close to your home so that you can check on your RV frequently. 

You do not want to have to drive an hour or more every time you want to check on your RV. You are less likely to go check on it to make sure it is secure. 

Another important factor to consider is that you may not be able to park your RV at your home. Many homeowners associations (HOAs) do not allow RVs to be parked in driveways. This means that you must park your RV in an RV storage facility or you could get fined.

2. Look for a Covered RV Storage Unit

You want to make sure that you do not just find a parking lot that you can park your RV at, but that you find a covered unit. You want something with a roof that will cover and protect your RV from the elements. 

If you are planning on storing your RV in the north where the winters can be brutal, you especially need to get a covered unit at the very least. Things like hail, sleet, snow, and rain can cause serious damage to your RV once the season is over. 

3. Good Security Is Critical

Good security is an absolute must when choosing storage units for your RV. You want to make sure that the storage facility has on-site management that patrols the grounds frequently. 

You want to make sure that the storage unit has a gate and an entry keycode that is changed often. Ask about any prior times the storage unit has experienced any sort of vandalism or break-ins. 

You should also go back to the storage unit to check from time to time on the security of the facility and your RV.

Does the gate stay open for long periods of time? Are the facilities clean and well=kept? Does it look like employees walk around to make sure everything is secure often?

4. Make Sure Your RV Fits Inside

There is nothing worse than putting a deposit down on an RV storage unit and finding out that it is too small to fit your RV. Don’t let this happen to you. 

Take measurements very carefully of any RV storage unit before making your selection. Comparing unit sizes can be helpful if you are unsure of a specific storage unit. 

5. Compare Indoor and Outdoor Storage Units

When choosing storage units, you should also compare indoor and outdoor storage units. There are many pros and cons to both. 

Outdoor units are more budget-friendly. They are easy to access and easy to pull in and out of. They are also easy to do a quick check to make sure that everything is as it should be.

However, outdoor units are more susceptible to the weather. Because they are more visible, they could be considered an easier target for criminals. 

Indoor units are typically more expensive, but they are protected from the elements and are more secure. 

6. Does the RV Storage Unit Have Electricity?

Another important question to ask is whether or not the storage unit offers storage units with electricity. Some people prefer to have their RV in a climate-controlled environment to protect the RV.

This remains to be a personal preference for many RV owners looking for the perfect storage unit, but it is not a requirement. It tends to cost extra, but it can give you peace of mind that the interior of your RV will be preserved during the off-season. 

7. Look at the Reviews and Customer Testimonials Online Before You Sign

Always look at customer reviews before choosing storage units for your RV. Customers will tell you how their experience really was when storing their RV at a facility versus what a website or employee will tell you. 

Reading customer reviews can help steer you away from less reputable places and toward the facilities that will keep your RV safe and secure for a great price. 

Contact Us Today for More Advice on Choosing Storage Units That Meet Your Needs

If you are a new RV owner, congratulations! You are about to embark on wonderful journeys and exciting road trips as you enjoy your new vehicle. 

However, during the off-season months where you do not plan on using your RV, you want to find the best place to store it to keep it protected from the elements and possible vandalism. 

Choosing storage units will be a breeze here at Ideal Storage. If you are located in the Kingston, Washington area, go on a free virtual site tour to check out our variety of RV storage units. 

You will no doubt find the perfect RV storage unit that fits your needs and your budget. 

Did you know that over 12 million cars are trashed in the USA each year? While these cars were once functioning models, over time, wear and tear drive them off the road. 

A perfectly good car has to face the wrath of the sun, salt put out to melt ice, and freezing cold temperatures. This leads to premature aging and the end of many good cars. 

If your car is your pride and joy, such as a convertible, what can you do to protect it and lengthen its life? Why not read on to learn more about how winter car storage can save you a lot of money.

Use a Car Cover

When preparing your convertible for long term storage, your first purchase should be a good quality car cover. You might have previously used an old bedsheet or a tarp, but these will not [rovide the best protection during a long winter. 

Good quality car covers allow your car to breathe, that is for air to move through the fabric. Should moisture become trapped between a plastic tarp and the paintwork of the car, it can lead to discoloration and rusting. Avoid this by using a breathable membrane.

Park on a Plastic Sheet

When you are leaving a car in a static location for a long period of time, it is important that you cover the ground underneath it. All cars, especially old cars, will leak oil and other fluids from time to time. If the ground is not covered by a plastic sheet, it will become stained, possibly permanently.

In addition to this, should oil leak on to the floor, it could find its way to your tires. The last thing that you want is oily tires when you take your car for its first drive in the spring.

Clean the Interior

Before you say goodbye to your convertible for a number of months, you should give the inside a thorough clean. This will include vacuuming and cleaning upholstery and removing all trash. 

Be aware that any items that give off an odor will be an attraction for bugs and vermin. At the very least, your car will smell strongly when you open it up in the spring. Avoid all of these eventualities by cleaning all internal areas.

Fill the Fuel Tank

There are a number of tasks to perform and basic questions to ask before you leave your car in storage. One of these tasks is to fill up your fuel tank. Why is this important?

When you park your car and leave it idle for a long time, moisture can form in the petrol tank. This may have entered with your fuel when you last filled the tank, or it could be moisture from heated water. 

Over time this moisture can cause rust to occur in the tank. This could eventually lead to a hole in the tank and leaking fuel. This is dangerous and expensive to repair. 

Avoid this by simply filling the tank as much as possible before putting it into storage. This will reduce the space available for moisture to build up. If you really want to prevent any corrosion, you could also add a corrosion inhibitor fuel stabilizer.

Oil Change

Like engine fuel, oil could also contain materials that can cause damage to internal engine parts. Fresh oil means that the oil has the longest lifespan possible when you put the car in storage. 

Learning to replace engine oil is not difficult. When you do this, why not take the opportunity to apply lubricant to other sensitive areas of the engine in preparation for storage.

Raise the Car

If you are considering storing your car for a few months, you may want to consider raising your car onto blocks while storing it.

When a car is in storage and not moving regularly, it causes pressure on the same part of the tire for the duration of its time in storage. This can lead to the tire becoming misshaped. You may even need to replace them entirely.

Of course, you will need to research the safest way to do this for your model of car. However, lifting the car onto blocks before you leave it for the winter can save you a lot of money.

Protect the Paintwork

There are many advantages of a storage facility, including security and a controlled environment. However, it is difficult to ensure that no moisture will drip on your car, or that no creature will walk over the paintwork during the winter. 

For this reason, it is best to give your car’s bodywork the best protection possible. Washing the exterior and waxing the paintwork will give it the best shielding possible. It adds a thin but strong layer of protection against any elements that the car comes into contact with while in storage.

Block Entry Points

While storage locations do offer controlled environments for storing your car, it is difficult to keep a determined rodent away from the perfect nesting ground. Ensure that they do not create a home in your car by blocking the entry points. 

A simple walk around your car will help you to identify them. The exhaust pipe is a common entry point. If you have a large air intact vent, this is also a point of easy access. 

This is especially important if you own a convertible. If your soft-top has holes or can easily be chewed, you may want to consider another layer of protection.

Car Storage Tips and Much More

If you want to take care of your pride and joy, have you thought about storing your car during the winter months? Car storage protects your car and saves you money. By applying the suggestions that we have made above, you can be sure that your vehicle and other items will be ready to use as soon as winter ends. 

If you would like to know more about storage and protection options, why not contact us or check out our other blog articles? 

Are you planning on taking your dream vacation in your RV to Kitsap County soon? You can take a stroll through the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula, or wonder at the amazing outdoor art, maybe trying the incredible food. 

While that all sounds like a dream vacation, it might not feel like a dream if you are worried about the safety of your RV the whole time! You should be enjoying the sights and sounds of Kitsap, not thinking about if your RV is okay or not. So, why not use an RV storage facility? 

Peace Of Mind 

When you park your RV at a storage facility, you know that your RV is parked in a secure location. There are experts on hand to help with any problems or issues that arise. 

An RV is a big investment. You want to make sure that it stays safe. When storing your RV you want to know that the vehicle is not open to vandalism or even theft. 

RV facilities offer protection day and night. Facilities have video surveillance and personnel on staff at all times to ensure nothing happens. 

At Ideal Storage, the only people allowed into the facility are owners of the vehicles. If you are not accompanied by a tenant or the tenant yourself, you are not allowed on the premises. 

If you leave your RV in a camp or park there is no assurance that nothing will happen to your RV. Your vacation becomes stress-free and you are not worrying about whether or not your RV is safe, and if you stored it properly or not.  

Increase The Lifespan Of Your RV 

It is a known fact that it rains in Seattle. There are going to be days where it just won’t quit storming out. There will also be days where the sun is beating down.

Weather conditions are a big reason why RV storage is a good idea when vacationing in Kitsap county. Too much of any kind of weather can be harmful and cause unwanted mechanic failures in your RV in the long run. 

Ideal Storage offers both covered and uncovered parking for RV’s.  This way, rain or shine, you know that you are covered. 

Being in a covered parking area also helps to protect your RV from insects and rodents. Something no one wants to deal with. 

However, staying in an uncovered outdoor storage space allows for RV’s of any size and has a lower price tag. This is great when you want to spend your money on your vacation and not on your RV storage! 

Little Perks Go A Long Way 

Ideal Storage is a brand new state-of-the-art storage facility. This means that there are new and up-to-date security features, an ice machine, easy automatic payments, and on-site management. 

All of these things make a big difference in the quality of customer service you receive and your overall experience. Another perk of using an RV storage facility, with covered RV storage, is the cost of storage is typically cheaper than renting an indoor vehicle storage unit.

Not as cheap as outdoor storage, but it offers more protection from the elements and is a bonus perk that Ideal Storage offers its customers. You won’t receive any of these perks if you try and find a different location to store your RV. 

Also, if this is your first time storing your RV during a vacation, or visiting Kitsap county, having an expert give you advice on the best way to store your RV as well. 

They can help remind you of things like, 

  • Draining the water from your pipes 
  • Removing all of your food 
  • How to maintain your battery

These are just a few of the things that are RV storage 101 and a benefit of taking your RV to storage during vacation. 

RV Storage At Your Convenience 

Another added benefit of storing your RV with Ideal Storage is that we do not require a long term contract. This means that you get the benefits of keeping your RV in the facility during your vacation without committing to more time than you need. 

Some facilities require a three-month minimum which is not what you are looking for when all you need is storage during your vacation. Once you have stored your RV and do not have to worry about that, you can finally go explore and things to do in Kitsap County! 

In the Kitsap Peninsula, you can explore the national water trails, go visit one of the many independent, locally-owned restaurants,  or hike along the beautiful Puget Sound. You can enjoy all of that knowing your RV is safe and secure at Ideal Storage.  

If you are staying longer than a few weeks and are looking for long-term vehicle storage, Ideal Storage also offers you the chance to do that. Your family might be in Kitsap County or the surrounding area and it is a great idea to have a place to store your RV every time you come to visit or vacation. 

Store Your RV In Kitsap Today 

It is time to enjoy your vacation in Kingston and Kitsap county! When you store your RV at Ideal Storage you are going to be getting a brand new, state-of-the-art storage. We offer the best recreational vehicle storage currently on the market.  

Our team will help you find the best storage option available to you during your stay. Contact us today and get your RV storage space saved for your trip to the Kitsap County area!