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Benefits of 24/7 Self-Storage Units + How to Rent Them

24 7 self storage

Imagine living the American dream and owning a home to put all of your belongings in. Then, something could change in your life and the next thing you know, you do not have the room that you thought you did to put all of your stuff in that home.

That is when some Americans turn to self-storage units. Nearly 10% of Americans rent one of the units.

A lot of those people are looking for a place that has 24/7 self-storage.

What are the biggest benefits of using this? Why should you consider renting a storage unit?

This is your guide.

Flexible Access

One of the biggest benefits of having a 24/7 self-storage unit is that you get to access it anytime you want. If you suddenly forget something that you have in the unit, you have the option to come retrieve it at all hours of the night.

Let’s say that you are going on vacation the next day. You spend all day packing for the camping trip but you suddenly realize that you forgot a sleeping bag in the storage unit.

Instead of potentially delaying your trip, you can just drive over to the storage unit to retrieve your sleeping bag.

It can also be good if you are storing other people’s goods inside of your unit. One day, they could suddenly call to go ask for their stuff back.

With 24-hour storage, it does not matter what time of day or what day of the week they contact you. You can go get those items any time you want.

More Security

Another benefit to renting a storage unit is that it comes with security on the property. This ensures that you are storing your items in a safe place and that somebody is always watching over your unit.

These units likely have cameras that can see every inch of the building. The unit owner will also only give keys to people that own units in the building. On top of this, some units even have hired security to watch over the entire property.

The point is that there are more eyes on the property to prevent theft in a storage unit than in your own home. Depending on where you come from, security can be an issue in your own home.

There are over 1.4 million burglaries per year in the United States. If your house or another in your neighborhood is part of that statistic, you may be concerned about having valuable items lying around your home.

Putting those valuable items in a self-storage unit can give you the security that you need when it comes to those items.

Sensitive Items

There may be some items that you want to keep but are too dangerous to have in your home. This can become a serious issue if you have children or older families that suffer from dementia in your home.

An item that may cause some controversy in a home is a firearm. You may be someone that believes in the right to bear arms in this country.

While you may stand by that belief, you could have a spouse that recognizes the danger of having a firearm near another family member. You may not have the security in your home to keep it out of the wrong hands.

Considering that about one-third of Americans own a gun, this may be an issue that comes up in your home.

What if your child finds it and does not know what they are carrying? What if an older parent that has dementia finds it and starts firing the firearm?

These are potentially fatal incidents that you could be concerned about. It can even cause some arguments between spouses.

If this happens to you, a good compromise could be keeping that firearm and ammunition in a self-storage unit. Simply find a facility that allows firearms to be put inside of it.

Then, go to the unit to access it when you need it. This compromise allows you to keep a firearm and ammunition for when you need it while keeping it out of the wrong hands.

Oversized Items

One of the best uses of self-storage units is to store oversized items. These can be items that may not only be difficult to fit inside of your home but also right in front of your home.

Examples of these can include kayaks, tents, jet skis, snowmobiles, bikes, motorcycles, and more.

Most of the time, these items are something that you are only going to use once in a while. However, you still need a place to put these items until you are ready to use them again.

This can be a great investment for those that like to do seasonal activities. You may only need a kayak during the summer or a snowmobile during the winter.

Well, instead of thinking that you are wasting your money buying one of these things, you now have somewhere you can put it for the rest of the year. As a result, you can do all of the activities that you love.

It can also save you money over time on these oversized items. That is because typically, you have to rent these items in a tourist town. If you do these hobbies often enough, that is going to add up over time.

Use storage units as an excuse to take a deeper dive into seasonal activities and own all of the equipment that you use for these activities.

Inheritance Property Management

Imagine that one of your parents just passed away. They did so while living in their own home in this situation. Then, in their will, they leave you with their house and all of the belongings in it.

While it can be great that you have a house and several additional material possessions, you may not know what to do with all of this. That can especially be the case if you already have a house of your own.

In this situation, all you can do is try to sell the home. However, once you do, you are going to have to put all of the stuff inside of the home somewhere.

That is where a self-storage unit can come into play. With this, you have a place where you can put all of your parents’ belongings that you do not have room for in your own home.

These can be things that may take more time to sell such as furniture, jewelry, and electronics.

However, this may just be somewhere you want to place items that have sentimental value to you. With this option, instead of giving them away or losing track of them in your own home, you have a safe place to store those sentimental items that can help keep you connected to your parents.

Flexible Home Space

Storage units can also be great places for those that are looking to make drastic changes to their home space. This can mean completely designing a room or multiple rooms in your home.

Let’s say that you are an older adult that has had your child grow up and move out of your home. However, the child’s bedroom is still in your home and you are thinking about using the space for something that you always wanted.

You may want to turn it into a bachelor pad, a game room, an art room, or even an office. No matter what you want to change it to, you do have an option for somewhere to store the old items.

If you ever need the bed, nightstand, or drawers again, you can also retrieve them in your self-storage unit.

This can work the opposite way as well. You may be someone that is working from home that is expecting to have a baby.

In your current home, you may have a room that is dedicated to a home office. However, due to the lack of space in your home, you may have to change that space to an additional bedroom.

Until you figure out what to do with certain office supplies such as a desk, chairs, or a lamp, you can place them in your self-storage unit. If you are still working from home and find another place in the house you can put these items, you now have the option to go retrieve them.

Having a storage unit can help a lot when it comes to keeping your home space flexible. It can allow you to put ideas into motion a lot faster.

Easier to Downsize

Once you reach a certain age in life, you may consider cashing your chips in and riding off into the sunset. If you are an older adult that is close to retirement, you may consider downsizing your home to get you to the finish line.

Downsizing homes tend to be an appealing option for older adults whose kids have left the nest. It also tends to be appealing for those looking to relocate to a cheaper housing market.

About 13% of people end up downsizing. However, more than double those people over 45 have intentions of downsizing in the next five years.

Some people may have a hard time determining what items in their current home are worth bringing to their smaller home. Those same people may not know what to do with the items that they leave behind.

Well, an easy option for these people is to place their additional items in a self-storage unit. Whether you want to retrieve them for sentimental value in the future or delay selling them individually, you have a place to store these items until you sort things out.

It can also be a great way to get people that are on the fence to pull the trigger to make this move. The reason is that they no longer have an excuse when it comes to the fate of their items.

Flexible Storage Unit Sizes

Finally, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing what size storage unit you want. People that rent out storage units are not very likely to have the same needs.

That means property owners that rent these out need to provide flexible options for these different types of people. Luckily, our facility can give you several options to fit your individual needs.

We provide five different unit sizes for you to choose from. These sizes are 10 x 10 feet, 10 x 15 feet, 10 x 20 feet, 10 x 30 feet, and 10 x 40 feet.

So, people that need an area that is the size of a dorm room or the size of an entire floor of their house all have options for what works best for them. It can also help those that are not sure what they are going to need and want an affordable option to dip their toes into this.

Best of all, if you end up realizing you need a unit that is bigger or smaller than the one you get, you do have the ability to change it.

Get a 24/7 Self-Storage Unit

These are some of the biggest benefits of having a 24/7 self-storage unit. One of the biggest perks here is that you have access to items you store any time of any day. You also have proper security here to keep your items safe.

Storage units are great for certain life changes like having a baby, inheriting family property, downsizing your home, taking up seasonal activities, and more.

Are you ready to rent a self-storage unit? Sign up on our website today.