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Boat Storage: How to Prepare Your Boat for Going Into Storage

boat storage

In 2019, there were nearly 12 million recreational boats registered in the United States. While boats are a fun investment for the entire family, they also require a lot of maintenance to stay functional. This includes learning how to properly prepare your boat for storage during the winter months. Do you want to learn more about boat storage near me?

Keep reading these top tips for preparing your boat to go into storage.

Rinse and Flush Your Boat

When you have taken your boat out for the last time, it is important that you rinse and flush your bot with fresh water to remove any salt or grime. This is especially important for parts of your trailer or boat that are regularly submerged.

It is also important that you flush the cooling system in your engine with fresh water. This will prevent salt from corroding it and causing overheating issues in the future.

Keep It Out of the Water

When you are done rinsing your boat, it is important that you do not store it in the water. Ice, wind, and other natural elements can cause significant damage to your boat.

Even if your boat is tied to a dock, high winds may cause damage to the structure of your boat. It is best to store your boat in a storage facility.

Clean Your Boat

Next, you need to clean and dry your boat. Often, boat owners are familiar with a yellow scum line along the waterline of their boats. If you leave this scum on your boat, it may cause permanent damage.

To clean it, you can use hull cleaner to take off the grime. You should also thoroughly clean your boat with soap and water. To prevent water spots from forming, you can use a microfiber cloth to dry it rather than letting it air dry.

After you clean the exterior of your boat, you also need to clean the inside surfaces. You can use an all purpose cleaner to remove salt or dirt. You may also need to clean your vinyl seats to keep them protected from the elements.

Use a Boat Wrap or Cover

Once your boat is completely clean, you can use a boat wrap or cover to protect if from the weather.

Using shrink wrap on your boat is one of the easiest ways to prevent moisture and mildew. Boat wraps can be found at most hardware stores and will add an extra layer of protection.

If you don’t want to shrink wrap your boat, you can also get a custom boat cover. This will protect your boat from the elements, especially if it is stored outside during the winter. Things like ice and snow can collect and may cause serious damage to your boat if it doesn’t have a cover.

Make sure your boat cover is waterproof to protect from the wet winter weather.

Drain Internal Water

Before you store your boat, it is also vital that you drain the internal water. These include your water tanks, fuel lines, and more. If you do not drain the fluid or water in your boat, it may freeze in low temperatures.

If your pipes freeze, it can also cause cracks in your engine or hull. If you don’t want to do this on your own, you can take your boat in for a service before you take it to a storage facility. This way, you can make repairs to your boat before the upcoming season and you can be sure that all fluids are fully drained from your boat.

Find a Storage Facility

Because most people do not have the space to store their own boat, you need to find boat storage facilities to store your boat for the season. There are many reasons to use boat storage facilities. While you may be able to save money storing your boat on your own property, boat storage facilities offer greater protection for your boat.

Often, these facilities offer climate control to protect your boat from freezing weather. However, it will also protect your boat from theft and vandalism.

You should also choose whether you want uncovered or covered boat storage. With covered storage, you can prolong the life of your boat and will not have to make as many repairs in the future.

To find the best boat storage facility, you may want to consider the cost of each company, what additional services they offer, and more.

Remove Your Belongings

Finally, you need to remove all of your belongings before you put your boat into storage. This includes anything like your lifejackets and personal items, as well as things in your boat that can be removed.

This protects your belongings from theft, but it also keeps them from being damaged in the cold weather. You should also dry out everything on your boat to prevent them from getting musty or moldy while they are in storage.

Find the Best Boat Storage Near Me

Buying a boat is an investment that can bring joy to you and your family. Because it is such a big investment, you must take steps to maintain it properly to keep it running for years to come. By following each of these tips, you can store your boat during the winter.

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