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As much as you may enjoy the occasional road trip with the family car, there’s no beating an RV as the ideal way to explore nature and spend time with loved ones. RVs are growing more popular, and whether you’re looking to purchase or already have one, it’s important to know how to store it.

Your best bet is an RV storage unit. These facilities provide the ideal environment for your RV so you can rest easy knowing it’s in good hands. Before you start searching, there’s a handful of things to consider before making a decision.

Ready to learn more? Let’s get started.

Location, Location, Location

When you’re not taking your RV on adventures, you’ll want to give it a good temporary home. Reputable RV storage facilities provide the best environment for your favorite mode of transportation. Before you make the decision, it’s important to consider location.

The location and climate you’re in should give you an idea of what you’ll need for RV storage. For example, you’ll prioritize climate-controlled units if you live in an area that tends to have harsh weather. 

Even if the weather isn’t a concern and you think storing the RV on your property is a good idea, you’ll need to consider all of the potential inconveniences. Even if you live in a place with a nice climate, you still need to worry about rain or particularly sunny days. 

Using your backyard for storage can also make you a target for burglary or getting vandalized. Let’s face it. Finding the right storage unit is much easier than dealing with any consequences of leaving your RV on your own property when it’s not being used. 

Type of Unit

Now that you’re certain that an RV storage unit is the way to go, it’s time to consider the different options you have. Not every storage unit is built the same, and you’ll have to think about what works best for your lifestyle and budget. There are three main types of storage units to research. 

Uncovered Units

The next step up from parking your RV in your driveway or backyard is an uncovered storage unit. This doesn’t have the same protection against the weather as the other types of units, but you get the advantage of security. Talk to the facility about what size spaces they offer. 

If your budget is particularly tight, this might be the best option for you. It’s also an ideal option if you don’t have to worry about extreme weather.

Covered Units

Don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want adequate protection for your RV? Then you might want a covered RV unit. These are similar to uncovered storage in size, but it protects against the rain, snow, and sun. 

While the carport-like structures that cover your RV can’t block out all of the bad weather, it does provide enough to justify the price. 

Closed Storage

If you want the best of the best, you’ll want a closed storage unit. These provide the most protection for your RV, so you’ll be comforted in knowing that your valuable possession will be secure and dry. Be sure to check with the facility to ensure that your RV fits the size requirements.

Closed storage units will be more expensive than the alternative options, but they also provide ideal protection for your RV. Check with the facility to make sure it has adequate pest control and climate-controlled options. You’ll know your RV is being properly cared for

Security Measures

Yes, it is difficult for someone to drive away with your RV. That isn’t what you should be concerned about when it comes to security measures. Many people leave a lot of valuables inside of their RV or leave it unlocked by accident. 

If you’re parking your RV in a storage facility, you’ll want to make sure that security measures are in place. That can mean anything from security cameras to coded entry.

You can also check out if there are any insurance options for additional reassurance.

Preparing Your RV

You’ve made your decision, some calls, and now you’re ready to bring your RV over to the storage unit. Before you do so, you’ll want to prepare it properly. 

The first thing you’ll want to do is take out the battery and store it as well. Be sure to check the battery monthly and that it stays as close to fully charged as possible. 

While your RV is in storage, you’ll need to add a fuel stabilizer. You can do this by adding fuel to the vehicle and adding the stabilizer, then running the engine so the fuel can circulate in the system. 

Finally, change the oil before you store your RV. It may seem like a lot of work now, but if you do all of the above, you’ll come back to a well-maintained RV. 

Finding the Best RV Storage Unit

RVs are not only a big investment, but they tend to have sentimental value as well. Plenty of friends and families have taken life-changing trips across the country, spending valuable time with one another. Although it’d be nice to spend most of the year traveling in an RV, there will be times when it needs to be stored.

You don’t want to settle for keeping your RV in the backyard, knowing how much damage that can cause. Instead, consider an RV storage unit. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing your favorite form of transportation is safe and sound.

Looking for a storage solution that is sure to impress? Be sure to check out RV storage options today!

RV sales have been on the rise for years. But if you recently purchased a boat or RV, or you are planning to soon, you need to know how you are going to store it. Unfortunately, most people aren’t going to be using their boats and RVs every single day.

Some people use them a few times per month. Others use them for an entire season at a time. Either way, when not in use, they need to be stored in a safe, convenient, and affordable location.

Covered storage options can protect your investments from unnecessary wear due to weather and moisture. It can also get them out of the sun to prevent and deterioration due to UV rays. 

If you spend all that money acquiring a boat or an RV, it makes sense to protect it, them, right? Keep reading to discover why recreational vehicle storage is so important and how to choose the perfect storage option.

The Importance of Storing Your Boat or RV

Let’s face it; no matter how much you love using your RV or boat, it sits dormant most of the time. And most people don’t have space at home to adequately store their recreational vehicles.

They often try, taking up valuable space in the driveway, or leaving it out on the curb, bothering the neighbors. But the problem with home storage is that it attracts attention.

It’s not uncommon for thieves to target RVs or boats left outside, since they are easily accessible. They might even bypass the RV and target the home, assuming that if you have an RV, you have plenty of valuables in your home as well.

Plus, storing it at your home doesn’t protect your RV from the elements, unless you were to construct an awning or storage shed, which is cost-prohibitive to most. 

If you truly value your RV, you’ll invest in dedicated storage. Storage options include outdoor storage, outdoor covered storage, and indoor storage. 

While indoor, weather-proof storage is the most protective, it also costs the most and becomes a hassle to pick up your RV and drop it off on a whim. And uncovered outdoor storage is the cheapest but offers no protection from the elements.

Covered storage hits the sweet spot, balancing affordability with protection from harsh elements and theft.

Investing In Covered Storage

Recreational vehicles are meant to be outside. They are meant to withstand the elements, keeping you safe and comfortable inside.

However, just like with a home, constant exposure to the elements can wear down your RV faster. The roof, siding, windows, seals, and more will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. But you can extend the life of your RV, without breaking the bank, by keeping it under covered storage.

While an outdoor roof won’t protect your RV from high heat or frigid temperatures, it will protect it from the most harmful elements; heavy rain, hail storms, snow, ice, and the sun.

What to Consider When Choosing a Covered Storage Facility

Storage facilities are a dime a dozen these days. But not all are created equal. Here are the top considerations when choosing the place to store your precious cargo. 

Easy Reservations

Sure, some people are crazy planners. They know exactly what dates they’ll be using their RV for the next five years. But most of us are a little more spontaneous. You want a facility that offers an easy way to make reservations, whenever you need them. 

At Ideal Storage, we offer same-day reservations for those that need to store their RVs and boats in a hurry. Sometimes trips get cut short and you need a place to park your RV right away.

But whether you are booking a same-day unit, or booking in advance, you can select a storage unit online and lock in your reservation in a flash. You can even view a virtual tour so you know exactly what type of RV or boat storage unit you are getting.

Accommodate Any Size Vehicle

RVs come in a plethora of sizes. They can range anywhere from seven feet to 40 feet long and between 10 and 14 feet tall.

That’s a lot of variation. You’ll want to find a covered storage unit that can comfortably fit your RV and provide adequate coverage. 

At Ideal Storage, we have units for all sizes, making it possible for RVs of any size to find a safe spot to park. And for those with smaller vehicles, you can choose a smaller storage space and only pay for what you need.

Flexible Monthly Plans

Typically, when using winter storage, you aren’t going to touch your RV for a few months at a time. But still, you may decide you want to take a last-minute trip down south to soak up the sun.

You want to choose a storage facility that is as flexible as you. You don’t want to be penalized for taking your RV out of storage early. 

At Ideal Storage, you can set up automatic monthly payments for easy management of your storage unit. But you can also cancel at any time. There are no commitments or obligations.

And since our facilities are staffed around the clock, you can pick up your RV at midnight if you need to. Our facilities offer drive-up service so it’s easy to get your belongings in and out in a heartbeat. 

Secure Facility

Our facility is managed 24/7, meaning that someone is always watching over your precious vehicle. The facility is also fully enclosed and closely monitored.

On top of that, every one of our storage units is completely insured. So you can rest assured knowing that in the rare event something did happen, you would be taken care of. 


The best part about covered storage options is how affordable it is. It’s far cheaper than indoor storage but offers much more protection than exposed outdoor storage. 

Covered storage here at Ideal Storage starts at just $179 per month to keep your RV or boat safe and secure until the moment you are ready to use them again. 

Keep Your RV Safe and Secure at Ideal Storage

When choosing a covered storage facility, you’ll want one with flexible monthly plans, affordable pricing, easy accessibility, and a wide range of unit sizes. You also want to ensure your assets are safe and secure.

At Ideal Storage in Kingston, Washington, we provide all of that and more. We make it as easy and affordable as possible to store your RVs and boats, protecting them from the elements, so they are ready to make you many more memories in the future.

Check out our RV storage options and lock in your reservation today.

Are you planning on taking your dream vacation in your RV to Kitsap County soon? You can take a stroll through the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula, or wonder at the amazing outdoor art, maybe trying the incredible food. 

While that all sounds like a dream vacation, it might not feel like a dream if you are worried about the safety of your RV the whole time! You should be enjoying the sights and sounds of Kitsap, not thinking about if your RV is okay or not. So, why not use an RV storage facility? 

Peace Of Mind 

When you park your RV at a storage facility, you know that your RV is parked in a secure location. There are experts on hand to help with any problems or issues that arise. 

An RV is a big investment. You want to make sure that it stays safe. When storing your RV you want to know that the vehicle is not open to vandalism or even theft. 

RV facilities offer protection day and night. Facilities have video surveillance and personnel on staff at all times to ensure nothing happens. 

At Ideal Storage, the only people allowed into the facility are owners of the vehicles. If you are not accompanied by a tenant or the tenant yourself, you are not allowed on the premises. 

If you leave your RV in a camp or park there is no assurance that nothing will happen to your RV. Your vacation becomes stress-free and you are not worrying about whether or not your RV is safe, and if you stored it properly or not.  

Increase The Lifespan Of Your RV 

It is a known fact that it rains in Seattle. There are going to be days where it just won’t quit storming out. There will also be days where the sun is beating down.

Weather conditions are a big reason why RV storage is a good idea when vacationing in Kitsap county. Too much of any kind of weather can be harmful and cause unwanted mechanic failures in your RV in the long run. 

Ideal Storage offers both covered and uncovered parking for RV’s.  This way, rain or shine, you know that you are covered. 

Being in a covered parking area also helps to protect your RV from insects and rodents. Something no one wants to deal with. 

However, staying in an uncovered outdoor storage space allows for RV’s of any size and has a lower price tag. This is great when you want to spend your money on your vacation and not on your RV storage! 

Little Perks Go A Long Way 

Ideal Storage is a brand new state-of-the-art storage facility. This means that there are new and up-to-date security features, an ice machine, easy automatic payments, and on-site management. 

All of these things make a big difference in the quality of customer service you receive and your overall experience. Another perk of using an RV storage facility, with covered RV storage, is the cost of storage is typically cheaper than renting an indoor vehicle storage unit.

Not as cheap as outdoor storage, but it offers more protection from the elements and is a bonus perk that Ideal Storage offers its customers. You won’t receive any of these perks if you try and find a different location to store your RV. 

Also, if this is your first time storing your RV during a vacation, or visiting Kitsap county, having an expert give you advice on the best way to store your RV as well. 

They can help remind you of things like, 

  • Draining the water from your pipes 
  • Removing all of your food 
  • How to maintain your battery

These are just a few of the things that are RV storage 101 and a benefit of taking your RV to storage during vacation. 

RV Storage At Your Convenience 

Another added benefit of storing your RV with Ideal Storage is that we do not require a long term contract. This means that you get the benefits of keeping your RV in the facility during your vacation without committing to more time than you need. 

Some facilities require a three-month minimum which is not what you are looking for when all you need is storage during your vacation. Once you have stored your RV and do not have to worry about that, you can finally go explore and things to do in Kitsap County! 

In the Kitsap Peninsula, you can explore the national water trails, go visit one of the many independent, locally-owned restaurants,  or hike along the beautiful Puget Sound. You can enjoy all of that knowing your RV is safe and secure at Ideal Storage.  

If you are staying longer than a few weeks and are looking for long-term vehicle storage, Ideal Storage also offers you the chance to do that. Your family might be in Kitsap County or the surrounding area and it is a great idea to have a place to store your RV every time you come to visit or vacation. 

Store Your RV In Kitsap Today 

It is time to enjoy your vacation in Kingston and Kitsap county! When you store your RV at Ideal Storage you are going to be getting a brand new, state-of-the-art storage. We offer the best recreational vehicle storage currently on the market.  

Our team will help you find the best storage option available to you during your stay. Contact us today and get your RV storage space saved for your trip to the Kitsap County area! 

RV storage facilities are growing in popularity as more and more people are buying RV’s. Don’t have the space to store an RV at home? Do not let that stop you from buying the RV of your dreams!

If you are not actively using your RV or getting work done to it, maybe it is time to find a storage facility for it. Make room, get it out of your yard, and into a safe and secure outdoor RV storage facility. Or, choose one that has coverage, and even indoor options! 

Outdoor RV Storage

Did you know that outdoor RV storage is the most affordable way to store your RV, the next most affordable option is covered RV storage, followed by indoor storage?

Unless you are familiar with a particular storage facility, you may not be familiar with the set-up. What better way to get a feel for a place than taking a virtual tour of the storage facility!

The best self-storage facilities are clean, spacious, and secure. Having a locked gate and security cameras around the facility can help you feel like your rig is in good hands.  

New RV Owners

If you are still in the market for an RV or have recently bought one you could be wondering where and how you are going to store it once you drive it off of the lot. The majority of RV owners only use their rig seasonally and have to figure out a place to store it during the off-season.

Depending on personal preference, and the weather—most RV’s are in storage about six months out of the year.

Going on Vacation 

If you own an RV, chances are you take it with you when you go on vacation. But, not always. For times when you are flying out of town or will be away for any length of time, you might worry about leaving such an expensive (and prized) possession in your driveway while you are gone.

When your RV is at a storage facility, you no longer have to worry about that, you can just focus on enjoying your trip. 

RV Storage 101

There is more to storing an RV than just finding a facility that you like. To store an RV properly, a thorough run-through of this checklist should be conducted.

  • RV cover
  • Tire covers 
  • Check tire pressure
  • Vent covers
  • Close windows
  • Drain water from pipes and lines
  • Winterize the pipes, etc.
  • Turn off appliances
  • Pest control (insect & rodent traps)
  • Remove all food
  • Battery maintenance

If you live in an area that experiences extreme winters, you will need to take the extra steps to winterize your RV. When temperatures drop below freezing (32 degrees F) for more than 24 hours pipes can freeze and crack, just like in your home.

Make Room at Home

An RV is not a small item that you can stash away without giving it a second thought. No, this will take up a large amount of space either parked in your driveway, in your yard, or wherever it can fit. 

And, even if it fits comfortably in your driveway, wouldn’t you like to use all of that driveway space for something else?

Some neighborhoods actually have rules and regulations against having an RV at your house. Which, may sound ridiculous. But, HOA rules are rules. 

You could build a giant storage shed just for your rig if you wanted to, but it may be easier to find an RV storage facility.

Storing Other Large Items

Once you finally have your RV safely stored you will notice how great it feels to have that extra space at home. Is there anything else that you would like to find storage to free up even more of your yard? 

Do you have your boat at home? How about some of that extra stuff in the basement or garage? Finding a great storage facility might inspire you to clear out other areas in your home that have been ignored for a while. 

Drive-up Storage

While some storage facilities are all encompassed within a building type of structure, drive-up storage gives you easier access to your storage unit, as well as the option to pull right up to your unit and unload items from your vehicle. How convenient is that?

Checking In

Are you worried about letting your rig out of your sight till next season? Fear not. With a storage facility, you can have access to your rig to give it a check-up once a month or at least halfway through the off-season.

Few storage facilities offer 24-hour access (for everyone’s safety and security) yet most days of the week are open from at least dawn till dusk so that you can stop in and check things like water systems, electrical, RV covers, and make sure there are no pests hiding in there. 

Checking in is also a great way to get to know the employees at your storage facility, and become familiar with the staff. This is not a requirement, just a bonus.

Paying Rent

When it comes to paying bills, we are all guilty of forgetting due dates and suffering hefty late fees. Thankfully we have automatic bill pay, now.

Set it, and forget it. Automatic monthly payments that are deducted from your account are the easiest way for bill pay to always be on time, avoiding late fees, and avoiding the stress of remembering to send out checks every month! Those days are long behind us.

Whether you are just renting the spot for your RV, or you’ve decided to utilize the facility for more than that 

Doing What’s Right for Your Rig 

Whether it be for the duration of the entire off-season, or just in between camping trips and road trips, outdoor RV storage is a great solution to having affordable and secure storage for your rig.

In or around Kingston, Washington, there is no better place than Kingston Ideal Storage. You and your RV will love it here! Contact for all of your storage needs.

Are you looking for a place to store your RV whenever it’s not in use? Do you want to find an RV storage company that you’re comfortable with in Kingston?

If so, then you’ll need to consider all your options. Maybe you need a place to store it because you don’t have enough space where you live. Perhaps you live in an apartment. 

Whatever the case, there are a few things you can do to find the right fit for your storage needs. See below for an in-depth guide on how to find the best RV storage company.

1. Create an RV Storage Budget

It’s understandable that, even though you realize the need for finding an RV storage company, you only have so much money that you can put towards it.

Some people pay for the first RV storage company they come into contact with without looking at their budget beforehand. Doing so can land you in a world of hurt down the line.

To get things started, be sure to create an RV storage budget. Gather all your monthly expenses subtract from your monthly take-home pay. Be sure to place aside some savings for your next RV excursion, then see how much is left.

After creating this budget, you should have a better idea of how much you can afford in a storage company. From there, be sure to reach out to a reputable RV storage company that can help you find the perfect fit for your budget.

2. Check for References and Reviews

Anytime you’re looking to get more intel on a company you’ve never done business with, there are two tools you should use: references and reviews.

The former is a way of connecting with satisfied clientele that the company will point you towards. The latter is used for seeing the different viewpoints of anyone that’s used their services before and left a few comments on it.

First, go online and search for reviews. Take both the ratings and comments into your consideration. The higher the rating, the better sign of customer satisfaction with the service. 

Try to get a few answers from the comments. Would the client recommend the service to others? Are they still using them? What items are they putting in their storage unit? 

If you still want a bit more information, ask the company for some references. Then you can ask those clients for more details and whether they’d recommend them.

3. Different Storage Unit Options

Different people look for different things in the RV storage unit that they rent. Maybe you want to find a package with as many amenities as possible to ensure safe storage.

Perhaps you’re looking for the lowest possible monthly rate on a climate-controlled unit. Whatever the case might be, you want to look for an RV storage company that offers different storage unit options.

The unit that you’re looking for could depend on several factors such as its size, whether or not it’s covered, the price, and so on. For the RV storage company to gain your business, they should offer you flexibility.

A reputable RV storage business will be focused on finding the best fit for your needs, not making as much money as possible from the sale. If you feel like the RV company is trying to push you into something you don’t need, then ditch them.

Invest in your money in a company that cares. Someone that’s going to take care of your RV and honor your wishes while it’s parked and stored on their property.

4. Customer-First Mentality

You should never hand your money or your RV to a storage company that doesn’t seem passionate about their business.

The vibe that you get when you talk with them the first few times is a direct reflection on how they run their business. If they seem lackadaisical and negligent, then you can’t trust them to take care of your RV.

You want to find a storage company that specializes in storing your RV as safe as possible until you need it again. That way, you can ensure it’s ready for the open road as soon as you go to pick it up! 

You have spent a lot of money, years, and miles in your RV, don’t let anyone take care of it that won’t appreciate how much it means to you and your family.

5. Experience

Does it seem as if the RV storage companies that you’ve talked to don’t have the experience you hoped for? Are you hesitant to store your RV in a storage company that doesn’t provide RV-specific storage? You deserve more!

Be sure to only invest money in a trustworthy RV storage company with years of experience to back it up. They’ll know the best way to care for your RVs during the harsh Kingston Washington winter months.

Unlike other storage companies that are simply looking to collect a check, Ideal Storage goes above and beyond for our clients. Our manager, Trevor, has the experience to fit you in the perfect RV storage situation for your needs.

Find the Best RV Storage Company In Kingston

Now that you have seen several things to look for in the best RV storage company in Kingston, you must start your search right away. Winter is fast approaching!

Be sure to visit this page to learn all that you need to about winter RV storage and our unique offerings during the colder months.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out to us via phone at 360-900-9762 or by email at and we’ll be happy to help you further.