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Garage Too Small? Important Questions to Ask When Seeking Vehicle Storage

vehicle storage

When you’ve got a small garage or no garage at all, you’ve got to get a bit crafty with your possessions.

Garages are important storage areas in our households. They get filled up quickly, either by parking our vehicles or storing all of our extra stuff that doesn’t quite fit inside the house. If yours is too small, it can fail to accomplish either goal.

Today, we’re going to try and give you a hand with this problem. Small garages can create big issues and you might end up having to find vehicle storage if you’ve got multiple vehicles. When looking for vehicle storage, you need to know the right questions to ask.

There are loads of storage facilities all over the place, but when you’re talking about a car, RV, boat, or motorcycle, it’s got to be properly equipped. If you don’t ask, you won’t know, so ask these questions and find a storage facility that works for your needs.

Is There Proper Security?

When you’re talking about putting your vehicle or some other expensive item into storage, the first thing you’re going to want to know is if there’s proper security at the facility. You can’t trust the place if they don’t have all of the things that are required to keep intruders from stealing or damaging your car, not to mention all of the pesky pests and rodents out there.

We’re talking about cameras, sturdy gates, and secure units. Fortunately, at Ideal Storage, we take our security measures very seriously. Our entire facility is guarded with a state of the art security system with keyless entry. Only paying tenants or those accompanied by paying tenants are allowed on the premises, unless admitted by our management.

Not all facilities go far enough to secure your belongings, but why pay for car storage if you can’t be sure that it’s safe?

Is My Property Going to Be Covered?

The next thing you’ll be thinking about is how your RV, boat, or car will be protected from the weather. The reason people keep their car in the garage is to minimize the wear and tear from rain, sleet, and snow throughout the year and it’s no different at a storage facility. This is especially true with things like classic cars, and high-end boats or RVs.

You need to be sure that your property is going to be in a covered facility, if you require it. Many storage facilities have both covered and open-air units, so don’t be afraid to make sure you’re getting what you need. Our facility does have both types of units, so you’ll have the option to choose whichever is best for your property.

Typically, you’d want to have covered storage for cars, but you may want uncovered storage for your boat, which we can happily offer as well.

How Much Space Will There Be?

Space is everything when you’re bringing in a large boat or recreational vehicle. Likewise, you should have the option of choosing something smaller, if you’re bringing in a motorcycle or small sports car. The storage facility that you end up choosing should have a wide range of storage units in all different sizes.

We offer storage, both covered and uncovered, in whatever size suits your needs. As specialists in RV and boat storage, we’ve got units as large as 12X70, meaning you can store a huge RV or fishing boat with ease. Our uncovered lots range from 10X20 to 10X45, so take your pick.

How Much Does It Cost Per Month?

Of course, you can’t put a price on keeping your prized possessions safe and sound in storage, but you also want to avoid spending too much per month. One of the most important questions to ask about vehicle storage, RV storage, or boat storage is “how much does it cost per month?”.

You can find a detailed breakdown of the different storage units we offer and the monthly rental price on our website. It really depends on what you need, so a smaller storage unit or uncovered lots with fewer frills is going to be a lot cheaper than our largest covered units. It’s also important to know what you’re paying for, which is state of the art facilities and the best security possible when you choose Ideal Storage.

What Are Your Policies?

A good storage facility will have a detailed list of policies that put their tenants’ minds at ease. If you’re talking to a storage facility manager and they can’t tell you what their policies are, then they aren’t worth your time and money. Our storage facility adheres to state and local laws, so whenever we get a new tenant, they have to sign an agreement to follow these policies.

Some of our site policies include:

  • No smoking at the facility.
  • Close and lock doors when leaving the facility.
  • No vehicles left overnight without permission.
  • Living things, explosives, flammable, and drugs are prohibited at the facility.
  • No toxic waste or items that produce odors.
  • No playing of musical instruments to be played at any time.
  • No working in the unit, as they are for storage only.

You can find a more detailed list of our policies on our website. They’re in place to ensure that everyone feels safe and secure both being in the facility and leaving their possessions in the facility. We take pride in offering brand new, state of the art facilities for our tenants and we always aim to live up to our name as the Ideal Storage facility.

Make Sure Your Vehicle Storage Is Up to Task

If you’re trying to find the best vehicle storage for your car, boat, RV, or motorcycle, you need to ask these questions to make sure they’re up to the task. At Ideal Storage, we’ll have you covered with our state of the art facilities and caring management, so you won’t need to worry about your vehicle at all. Contact us today to discuss how we can help with all of your vehicle storage needs.