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The Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

climate controlled storage

Depending on where you live in the United States, the humidity levels can climb as high as 75%. This may not seem like a big deal for your lounge chairs, but if you are storing something that needs to be at a certain temperature, this could be devastating. Especially if it has value, sentimental or financially. That’s why we are here today: to talk about how to properly store your valuable items with climate controlled storage.

Climate controlled storage is the perfect way to keep your valuables in a safe and regulated storage unit. So, let’s talk about the benefits of it!

1. Protection from Extreme Temperatures

Whether you are storing computer equipment, family heirlooms or even your wine collection, climate controlled storage is the safest way to protect these items from extreme temperatures. If you are storing anything that can be damaged by extreme temperatures, climate controlled storage is the way to go. Not only will it protect your expensive items from damage but climate controlled storage keeps humidity levels under control.

Most climate controlled storage facilities use climate-controlled systems that recycle the air within the facility several times an hour following environmental guidelines. This means if it’s hot outside, the unit stays cool and vice versa.

A climate controlled unit will typically exceed traditional self storage conditions for temperature and humidity guaranteeing your belongings are properly stored away.

2. Protection from Dust & Debris

Even though the outside of your unit may look pristine, that does not always mean it is. When items are stored inside a storage facility they begin to attract dust and debris almost immediately.

Climate controlled storage facilities have climate-controlled systems that recycle air within the facility, typically several times an hour following environmental guidelines.

No matter if you’re storing your valuables for a few days or a few years, you’ll know that no dust or debris is going to affect your items.

3. Peace of Mind

When it comes to storing your most valuable items, you want to have peace of mind. knowing that they are in a safe and regulated environment. That’s what you get with self storage climate control.

Not only does climate controlled storage keeps your items protected from extreme temperatures and humidity, but it also protects them from dust and debris. So, you can rest assured that your items are in good hands.

Plus, climate controlled storage facilities typically have a higher level of security than conventional self storage facilities. This means you can feel confident that your belongings are safe and sound while in storage.

Overall, climate controlled storage is the best way to protect your valuable items from damaging effects.

4. More Options

When you are looking for a climate controlled storage unit, you have a variety of different options to choose from typically. For example, you can find units that are temperature controlled, humidity controlled, heated or even air-cooled.

This means that you can find the perfect climate to fit your specific needs. No matter what you are storing, there is a climate controlled storage unit that will protect it from any damaging effects.

5. Protection from Humidity

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, climate control allows you to protect your items against things such as humidity. Which can be extremely high in certain states. Take a look at some of the humidity levels in these states alone:

  • Alaska – 77.1%
  • Florida – 74.5%
  • Louisiana – 74.0%
  • Mississippi – 73.6%
  • Hawaii – 73.3%
  • Iowa – 72.4%
  • Michigan – 72.1%
  • Indiana – 72.0%

With such extremely high humidity, this could devastate certain items that require a specific type of atmosphere.

With climate control, you don’t need to worry about that. It will ensure that the humidity levels are kept low and allow your items to stay in the exact temperature to negate any damages.

Climate Controlled Storage Cost

When you are looking for a climate-controlled storage facility, expect to pay about 25% to 50% more than you would for a normal unit. The average monthly cost to rent a self-storage unit is $88.85 and that number jumps up about 25% bringing you closer to $100 dollars a month.

However, if you think about the small difference in price, it just makes sense to keep your valuable in the safest space.

Finding a Self Storage for Climate Control

When you’re looking for a climate-controlled storage unit, it’s important to do your research. Not all self-storage facilities have climate-controlled units, so it’s important to know what to look for.

Start by simply getting on a search engine such as Google and search for “self storage near me with climate control”. This should provide you with the best local results.

First and foremost, ask the facility if they have climate-controlled units available. If they don’t, move on and find a facility that does.

Once you’ve found a few facilities that offer climate control, take a look at the different options they have. Climate-controlled storage units come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

Be sure to also ask about the cost of a climate-controlled unit. It will typically be more expensive than a standard, non-climate-controlled unit, but that’s because you are paying for the safe storage of your items.

When in doubt, just ask!

Finding a self storage solution is easy when you know what to look for. However, if you are still unsure about which type of unit is best for your needs, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Ensure the Safety of Your Valuables

Climate controlled storage units are the best way to protect your items from humidity and other damaging effects. We hope that you can find one in your area by using this article’s tips on how to search for climate controlled self-storage facilities near you.

If not, we’d love to help! Our team of experts is ready and waiting to partner with you in finding a solution for any type of need when it comes down to protecting or storing valuable assets.

Contact us today with any climate controlled storage needs!