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The Importance of Covered RV Storage

covered rv storage

RV ownership has risen by more than 62% since 2001! So many people are learning about the joys (and challenges) of owning an RV. Are you an RV owner too?

If so, you know that one of the biggest challenges about owning an RV is storing it. Where do you put it when it’s not in use?

We’re here to talk about all of the reasons that you should consider covered RV storage at our facility. Read on to learn more!

Protection from the Weather and Environment

When you store your RV outdoors, you’re leaving it vulnerable to the natural world around you. While you may not think of this as much when it comes to your car, RVs are larger and more expensive, so you may want to put more thought into how much contact you want it to have with the outside world when you’re not using it.

So what kinds of things can damage your RV outside? It depends on where you are.

Natural disasters can, of course, impact your RV. While they may not be common in Washington, they’re certainly possible. An extreme winter storm could leave your RV in a bad position as a result of hail and wind.

Salt in the air from the shoreline can also negatively impact your RV over time. It can cause damage to the inside of the vehicle.

If there’s ever a flood, your RV may not stand up well against it. Water could get into the RV and cause serious damage.

When it snows, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go get your RV without having to dig it out? If you love a good winter camping trip, but you’re not interested in shoveling your RV out, you would definitely benefit from self-storage for your vehicle.

Even the sun can damage your vehicle. UV rays can damage the interior and cause significant fading. This won’t be an issue when your RV is in storage, however.

Protection from Debris

This could fit into the previous category, but it also stands alone. When your RV is outside on its own, it’s vulnerable to falling or flying debris.

Again, this depends on where you live.

If your home is in a wooded area, it wouldn’t be unexpected if a large branch fell down onto your property, especially during a storm. It would be unfortunate if that branch hit your precious RV and caused damage.

If you live near a major road, or any road with a lot of traffic, it wouldn’t be unexpected if rocks would fly up from the road or off of the backs of work trucks. They could also hit and damage your RV, potentially leaving dents or cracking windows.

There are many things that could fall and damage your RV, but when you use covered RV storage, they won’t be a problem. It will be safe and sound until you’re ready to use it again.

Protection from Vandalism and Theft

You don’t only have to worry about accidental damage when you’re storing your RV out in the open. You also have to worry about damage from other people. Not everyone is good at respecting their neighbors’ property.

The Kitsap County property crime rate is a good deal higher than the national average. No matter how nice your neighborhood is, there’s always a chance that someone with ill intentions will try to damage or steal your RV.

In some cases, they may be people who aren’t looking to cause harm, but are looking for somewhere unoccupied to stay warm during the night. In other cases, they may be people trying to steal parts of the RV or the entire vehicle itself. If you leave belongings inside the RV, people may break in to try to steal them.

People may also cause damage just because they want to, not because they want to steal or use your RV. They may break windows, deflate tires, and more.

Purposeless crime isn’t super common, but it does happen. Your RV was expensive, so why put it at risk?

Reduced Maintenance Costs

It’s no secret that RV maintenance can be pretty expensive in the long run, even if you don’t use your RV often. How much do you spend on keeping it in good condition?

If your RV is safe and sound in a covered storage facility, you won’t have to pay much. When you take it out for a ride or a trip, you should take it to a mechanic for a quick once-over after long-term storage. You should also get routine maintenance when you need an oil change or after a certain number of miles.

Aside from that, though, your RV shouldn’t need any significant maintenance or care. When your RV is out in the open, however, this may not be the case.

When your RV is exposed, it will be subject to more damage (as we mentioned before, both from nature and other people). Damage means that you’ll need to take it in for repairs more often.

This may just mean you have to pay to have it cleaned more often or that you need to get the paint touched up, but that still costs money. Repairing broken windows or dents is even more expensive. Replacing parts that were stolen is even worse.

Maintaining an RV is expensive, but it can be more affordable if you protect your RV in covered storage!

Convenience and Access

Many people think that storing their RVs will be too inconvenient. What happens if you want to go on a spontaneous road trip? You can’t just hop in your RV and take it for a spin when it’s in a storage center instead of your driveway!

While this is true, as long as you pick a storage center nearby, it’s still not inconvenient. It just requires a bit of extra planning.

When you store your RV, you’ll get access to it whenever you need it. You don’t need to plan a week in advance to retrieve your RV. Show up when you’re ready to take it out and it will be there ready and waiting for you.

So, yes, if you’re someone who needs to have your RV at a moment’s notice, you may be slightly inconvenienced. Most people, however, won’t have this problem.

Increased Lifespan of the RV

Your RV was an investment. Whether you bought it new or used, you should expect to have it for a long time, especially if you’re not someone who’s using it every weekend. You wouldn’t have spent so much money on it otherwise!

When you leave your RV out in the open, you’re potentially shortening its lifespan! That’s right, your RV lifespan won’t be as long without adequate protection and care.

As we mentioned, there are so many things that could damage your RV out in the world. The sun can damage the paint and interior, salt could ruin the underside of your RV, and hail can cause dents and break the glass.

Other people can also cause serious damage, whether it’s by accident or on purpose. Someone could hit and run your RV if you park it on the road. Someone could accidentally hit your RV with debris while they’re driving past your house.

People could intentionally damage your RV.

Even if you get your RV repaired, all of these things will reduce its lifespan unless you have the funds to do a full repair and renovation. The shorter your RV’s lifespan, the sooner you’ll have to buy a new one (or go without an RV at all).

When your RV is safe and sound in a storage facility, it will “live” longer. Storing an RV extends your time with it. What is that worth to you?

Relative Affordability

Speaking of worth, let’s talk about money. Money is one of the main things standing in the way of people seeking out self-storage of any type, including covered RV storage.

It’s true that storing an RV costs money, but comparatively speaking, it’s affordable.

First, let’s talk about the cost of repairs and maintenance again. How much do you think it would cost to repair windows, dents, or stolen features from your RV? This depends on your insurance and your mechanic, but it’s not cheap. Repairing damage, in some cases, will cost more than a year of storage.

You could also store your RV on your own property and get a garage or cubby for it to keep it safe. This is an excellent option for people who have ample space on their property for such things, but most people don’t fit into that category.

Even if you do, building a new garage or carport is pricey, especially if you need it to be large enough for an average-sized RV. It will be more expensive than storing your RV at a facility.

Environmental Benefits

Storing your RV in a covered storage unit can help minimize the environmental impact of your RV while also providing protection and convenience.

For example, leaks or spills from the RV can contaminate nearby soil and water sources, which can have long-term environmental consequences. What seems like a small oil leak to you can have a serious negative impact on local wildlife.

In a storage facility, those leaks are contained indoors (and are easier to spot).

Extending the lifespan of your RV is also better for the environment. The fewer new materials you need, the less waste you’re introducing into the world.

Increased Privacy

Many people treat their RVs as second homes, but passers-by don’t always do the same. While we can all agree that peeking into the windows of someone’s home is inappropriate, many people don’t feel that way when they want to peek into an RV. It’s more of a vehicle, so the breach of privacy doesn’t seem as extreme.

However, you don’t want people to know what’s in your RV, right? Even if it’s empty aside from the built-in components, it’s your own personal space. It’s private.

You may have things in there that people would want to steal, so having it outdoors isn’t safe.

Also, if your RV is always on your property, people will know when you’re traveling (and thus away from home). When the RV is gone, they can assume your home is empty and they may take advantage of that.

When you store your RV, none of these factors come into play. You have far more privacy and no one has to know what you’re up to.

Saving Space

Let’s face it: RVs take up a lot of space. Unless you have a large and sprawling property, it’s likely that you could be using that space for something more important.

You could do something with your yard, build a shed, or buy another personal vehicle.

If your RV is parked on the road, you’re taking up space that your neighbors could use to park.

With covered RV storage, you don’t have to worry about space. Your RV will be tucked away safely out of the way.

Is Covered RV Storage Right For You?

With all of these benefits in mind, is it time to move your RV into covered RV storage?

It will be safer from the elements and other people, it’s more private, it’s relatively affordable, it’s better for the environment, and so much more. There are so many reasons to make the switch to a storage facility.

At Ideal Storage, we have various self-storage sizes as well as covered storage for RVs and boats. Check out our RV storage options and contact us today to learn more!