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Top 10 Reasons to Use Self-Storage


Do you feel like you’re running out of space, or are you looking to de-clutter without getting rid of some precious heirlooms? Have you wondered about the benefits of self-storage? 

Self-storage facilities are convenient and cost-effective. Yet how do you know if investing is one is right for you?

Here are some reasons you might be ready to search for local extra space.

1. Your Home Is Getting Cluttered

Clutter can really make your home begin to feel uncomfortable. Beyond that, it can even cause your health to be impacted. Clutter can cause safety issues and problems with anxiety, memory loss, and allergies.

Contrast that with decluttering, which can lower your stress levels and make it easier for you to focus. You will be in a more peaceful frame of mind knowing that your space is organized.

Decluttering doesn’t always mean throwing everything out. In fact, you may have off-season decorations you just want to get out of the house or other items you plan to use in the future.

This is when a quality self-storage unit comes in handy. These units are secure and temperature controlled. They’re also a great place to keep items you’ll only need a couple of times a year.

The rest of the time, you can help keep your home clutter-free by removing unnecessary items from your home altogether. 

2. You Need More Space

If you live in a small house or apartment, you know the value of a little extra space. This is especially true if you don’t have a basement or attic in your home for storing important belongings you aren’t using. These could include bikes, beds, or heirlooms you eventually plan to use or pass on.

Nothing makes your home look smaller than too many furniture pieces or extra knick-knacks. A storage unit can give you the extra space you need without requiring you to invest in a larger home.

3. You’re Moving

This is a seller’s market, and you may get an offer on your home that you can’t refuse before you’re ready to make a decision on a new one.

A storage unit is a great place to store your furniture and other important belongings while you live somewhere temporarily. You may even find yourself enjoying the convenience and keeping some belongings at the unit even after you find a new place you love!

4. You Have Important Equipment

If you garden or paint in the warmer months, you’ve probably invested in costly equipment that you won’t need in the winter. 

If you leave things in your vehicle or garage, they could be exposed to temperatures that could cause damage. They may also be easier for potential thieves to view. With a temperature-controlled, locked storage unit, you can safely store your equipment without worry.

5. You’ve Got College Kids

Nothing says “crowded” like college students home for the winter or summer break. Everything they’ve been living with year-round is suddenly looking for a temporary home.

Mini-fridges, televisions, and sofas are just a few of the items your young student will need to store until next semester. A temporary storage unit can help ensure that your home won’t suddenly become overwhelmed with visiting furniture.

6. You’re a Serious Decorator

Some folks go all out for the holidays with larger decorations that your garage can’t handle during the offseason. If you’ve got a lot of things you don’t want taking up space most of the year, a storage unit can help take the burden off of your property.

7. You Rent Your Home to Others

Today, lots of folks use online accommodation marketplaces to advertise their home as a possible vacation destination in their area. Renting your home through these platforms can be an excellent source of income, especially if you can live and work elsewhere for a time. 

There is, however, always the issue of what you can do with your clothes and other belongings while renters are using your home. They’ll expect a clean, uncluttered space they can call their own if you want to continue getting rental business.

A rented storage unit means you can keep your belongings safely locked up without having to bother your friends and family while you’re renting out your home. 

8. You’re Selling Your Home

When you’re getting your home ready to sell, you know that the last thing prospective buyers want to see if a lot of clutter overflowing from closets or too many items personal to the current owner.

An expert in staging will tell you that a home decluttered and prepared with a few tasteful pieces is sure to be appealing to buyers. A storage unit can hold your stuff safely and securely until you’re ready to move on to your next home.

9. You’re Downsizing

If you’re moving from a house to a smaller home or apartment, you know how difficult it can be to know what to do with your belongings. You may not want to get rid of everything right away. Some things may also have sentimental value.

A storage unit means that you can make important decisions without cluttering your new home.

10. Renovations

You may not want to pile your living room furniture into your bedroom while it’s being renovated. A storage unit can allow you to store entire rooms of belongings while you’re home gets a makeover.

The Benefits of Self-Storage

Self-storage is a safe, comfortable way to store your belongings during transitional seasons. It can also help you to keep your home fresh and de-cluttered. If you need more space and can’t find it where you live, look into getting a self-storage unit for maximum convenience.

Don’t stop getting smart about storage now. For excellent storage options, contact us today.