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Top 8 Benefits of Using Boat Storage Units

boat storage units

About 12% of U.S. households own a boat. If you are one of those households, you may want to consider putting your boat into one of the best boat storage units.

There are so many benefits of doing this! If keeping your boat safer and more secure as well as protecting it from the elements aren’t enough, there are more benefits, too!

Read on to learn more about choosing storage units and why boat storage units are the way to go!

1. Protects Against the Elements

The outdoor elements can be tough – especially on boats. However, if you go with a covered boat storage unit, you will be protecting your boat from the weather that may happen year round. This could be snow, hail, wind, and sun which causes a lot of wear and tear.

The sun’s rays can cause damage to the exterior, causing it to fade. Hail and snow and rain can accumulate in the hull and engine area, which can also cause a lot of damage.

And, of course, wind can cause plenty of damage.

While it may seem easiest to keep your boat in the water when you are not using it so you can just go back out when you want to, boat storage units keep your boat in their best condition against the elements.

2. More Secure

Keeping your boat outside in the water means it is out in the open. It is not secure at all. If someone wanted, they could walk right onto your boat!

But with a boat storage unit, you will have a secure place for your boat. Not only will be it secure against the elements, but it will also be secure against thieves and vandals as well as any pests that may want to use your boat as a home!

3. Climate Control

While there are options to choose a climate-controlled boat storage unit, simply keeping it in storage is also a form of climate control. When it is inside and out of the sun, there won’t be as much of a fluctuation in temperature on a daily (and even yearly) basis.

This also means that you won’t have as many problems with mold, mildew, and rot that could be caused by excess humidity or dampness that tends to occur in the winter months.

4. Frees Up Space at Your Home

Maybe you never even considered keeping your boat in the water. You may have just been thinking that you would keep your boat at your house in the backyard or in the garage for the winter. While your garage is a great place for winter boat storage, it can get in the way.

When you put your boat in there, there is no longer room for your cars or other objects that you want to store in there.

To give you more space, you should use a boat storage unit. Even if your garage is clear, you should keep your backyard free of the look of having a boat sitting there for months at a time! You may want to use it to entertain or hang out, and if there is a boat there, it can really ruin the vibe.

Not to mention, it may also be violating an HOA rule, and is also not being protected from theft, vandalism, or the elements!

5. Better for the Environment

This may not have been a thought that first crossed your mind, but using a boat storage unit can actually help the environment!

A boat that sits in a lake or river or even the ocean can sometimes drip fuel or oil. Even if it sits out of the water on your driveway or in your backyard, it can still sometimes drip oil onto the ground.

Storing a boat inside at a facility will prevent the oil or fuel that leaks from getting into waterways nearby.

By doing this, you’ll feel better about what you are doing to help the environment, the animals in the water, and keeping the water clean and beautiful around you.

6. They Don’t Have to Break the Bank

You may be hesitant to choose to use storage units because of what you think the cost of boat storage is. However, not all will break the bank!

When you are looking at storage units, the price is dependent on location, the type of storage, the storage unit size, and so much more!

You can shop around to make sure that your storage unit price works for you and is in the budget!

7. Less Wear and Tear on Your Driveway

When you park a car on your driveway, you may not think about the weight that it is putting on your driveway.

But what if you have a car and a boat on your driveway? This poundage can really add up! Boats can range anywhere from around 1,000 to 16,000 pounds on average.

By keeping your boat on your driveway, you’ll have more wear and tear happen to the concrete, which can cost you money for repairs down the line.

By using a storage unit, you won’t have to worry about that!

Using Boat Storage Units

You may have felt that using boat storage units wasn’t necessary, but now that you have read this guide, you definitely know that choosing storage units over keeping your boat in the water can help your boat stay in tip-top shape.

That means you may be in the market for a boat storage unit! If that’s the case, look no further.

We have you covered (pun intended!) at Ideal Storage. Our state-of-the-art storage units will keep your boat secure and safe when you are not using it.

Contact us today if you want to know more!