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We are Kitsap County’s premier self-storage and Uhaul rental solution. Whether you’re moving across the street or across the county, we have a Uhaul rental package that will work for your budget and goals.

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Uhaul Rental, Kitsap County

Moving a home or office is always as exciting as it is stressful. With so many moving parts and organizational decisions to be made, it can be hard to know where to begin. Ensure that the day of your move goes off without a hitch by renting a spacious Uhaul truck or trailer from Kingston Ideal Storage.

We are Kingston’s one-stop-shop for all your storage and moving needs. We are committed to providing our clients with high-quality, affordable truck rentals, and exceptional customer service. If you need self-storage services to further benefit your move, we offer those too.

What Do I Need to Rent a Uhaul Truck?

Renting a Uhaul truck from Kingston Ideal Storage is simple. However, we wouldn’t be a safe and reliable business if we didn’t have some form of standards in place. To rent a Uhaul truck or trailer, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license.

We also require two forms of Meaningful Assurance that provide your guarantee that the truck will be brought back on time and intact. To ensure this, we always take a phone number and an email for our records that we call to verify at the time of rental.

Additional forms of Meaningful Assurance we may request situationally include:

If you have any hindrances to providing the above forms of Meaningful Assurance but have another means to corroborate your intent to return and care for the Uhaul, you can work out another form of assurance with our rental manager.

How Much to Rent a Uhaul? | Pricing

We believe reliable Uhaul rentals should be financially accessible for everyone. However, every moving situation and rental order is different. Because of the individuality of your unique needs and desired outcomes, we cannot offer a catch-all price on our truck rentals. What we can promise is that you’ll get the best deal and equipment in town!

How to Rent Your Uhaul

Securing a Uhaul truck, van, or trailer for your big move is straightforward and stress-free.

Step One: Contact

Reach out to our rental manager with the amount of Uhauls you need and the intended duration of use. We’ll get back to you soon with a competitive quote.

Step Two: Pick Up

Show up to our lot prepared with your forms of Meaningful Assurance and an understanding of the terms and conditions. Sign off and ride your Uhaul to the moving site.

Step Three: Move

Make your move a breeze! Load your spacious and safe Uhaul up with everything you need to relocate.

Step Four: Return

Bring your Uhaul rental back to Kingston Ideal Storage and enjoy life in your new home or office.

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Stop searching “Uhaul Rental near me,” and get yourself to Kingston Ideal Storage.

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