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What to Know About Boat and RV Storage in Kitsap County, WA

boat and rv storage

Kitsap County sure is the perfect place for ocean and nature lovers. The Puget Sound beckons all boat owners. There are national parks aplenty perfect for RV owners a stone’s throw away.

But where to park your RV or boat in cities like Seattle and surrounding counties is more of a challenge. Restrictions vary, but some areas require them to be stored off-street and sight-screened. Depending on where you live, that may simply not be an option.

The solution is boat and RV storage. Let’s take a closer look at how that works in Kitsap County, WA.

The Benefits of Boat and RV Storage

With local ordinances pretty tight on storing boats and RVs at home, it can make owning them seem like a pipe dream. And while you may be able to park for now, laws have a habit of changing. You could start picking up fines and find keeping your RV or boat at home is no longer viable.

That said, an RV allows you to get the maximum benefit out of living in Washington State. You can venture into areas that would be simply off-limits if you had to find a hotel room. Plus, you have all your home comforts with you, saving you a lot of money in the process.

The Puget Sound beckons anyone who has ever wanted to skipper their own vessel. It’s dotted with charming villages and spectacular scenery all along its coastline. Plus, it’s also home to awesome wildlife!

Boat and RV storage is making this dream a reality for many Washington residents. 

Boat Storage in Kitsap County

Let’s face it, many Washington State homes simply do not have the space to accommodate a boat. But that needn’t hold you back from hitting the Puget Sound in your personal watercraft.

Boat storage in Kitsap County is the perfect solution because you’re right on the water. Dry boat storage just a few miles away lets you hit the water any time you feel like it.

There are two options for boat storage—uncovered or covered.

Uncovered boat storage is available for fishing boats and sailboats. You can store a fishing boat of up to 12 x 25 size or a sailboat of up to 12 x 45 size this way.

Covered boat storage lots come with a maximum clearance of 13.5 feet. This is more expensive but provides a higher level of protection.

Fishing boats up to 12 x 40 can be accommodated. Ski boats up to 12 x 35 and sailboats up to 12 x 70 can also make their home here.

Flexible Contracts

Don’t worry about getting tied into unwieldy contracts that hold you back. You simply find the type of storage that works for you and click ‘Rent Now.’ The price you pay is prorated, with no long-term contract.

You simply pay on a monthly basis for what you use! If you’re not quite sure yet, why not click ‘Reserve’ instead? This will hold a storage lot for you for up to three days while you confirm your plans.

Around-the-Clock Security

You need a large facility to store boats and RVs. But that doesn’t mean skimping on security.

Kitsap County boat storage is fully fenced and has video surveillance 24/7. You can also access your boat almost any time. Use the keypad entry system to access your boat 7 days a week from 6 am to 10 pm.

RV Storage in Kitsap County

RV prices can vary wildly, from a $10,000 teardrop tow-along to a $1 million diesel model. 

Whatever you paid for your RV, you want to keep it in the best shape possible. Indoor boat and RV storage take care of that. You protect your investment and it’s ready to go whenever you need it. 

There are RV storage options for every budget. Uncovered parking can accommodate RVs ranging from 12 x 20 to 12 x 45. Covered storage units are available for RVs from 12 x 30 to 12 x 70. 

Safety First

Your RV is not only a major investment, it’s an important part of your life. You want to feel settled in your own mind that the storage facility you use is to the right standard. That’s why you should always choose a facility that allows you to tour first before booking.

This will give you a chance to check for yourself how rigorous the security arrangements are. You should expect the facility to be fully fenced. 24-hour video surveillance and monitoring should come as standard.

It should also be easily accessible when you need it. All these facilities make it a true home away from home and allow you to access your RV as much as you like. 

How to Secure an RV Storage Unit

First, arrange to tour the facility. If not, virtual tours are also available online. 

If you still need to finalize a few details, select ‘Reserve’ when you choose your unit. This will hold the storage unit for three days until you make a final decision.

Finally, bring along your RV and set up automatic payments. Say hello to easy storage and peace of mind.

Choose Kingston Ideal Storage for RV and Boats

Boat and RV storage facilities allow you the best of both worlds.

You get to own your personal leisure vehicle or craft without having the hassle of storing it at home. By choosing a dedicated storage facility, you have year-round peace of mind. Your vehicle is safely under lock and key and being monitored 24/7.

Ideal Storage in Kingston, WA is proud to offer outstanding RV and boat storage facilities. No matter how big or small your RV or boat is, we’ve got you covered. RV storage starts from just $75 a month and boat storage from $119.

Call us at 360-900-9762 to discuss storage solutions today!