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What’s the Average Cost to Store a Boat?

cost to store a boat

Not every boat owner has the luxury of living right on the water. Most folks who own a boat have to find somewhere away from home to store their vessels. When boating weather arrives the last thing you’ll want to do is spend all that lovely weather making repairs due to improper storage. There are many costs to owning a boat, so it’s a good idea to know what to expect to pay when looking for a storage option. How much does it cost to store a boat?

Here are some things to consider along with a breakdown of costs.

Why Should You Store Your Boat?

Even if you have space in your driveway to store a boat, it’s best for the longevity of your boat to store it. Depending on the size of your boat, keeping it at home may not even be an option. Zoning laws and HOA rules may prohibit the storage of a recreational vehicle anywhere on your property.

The biggest advantage of boat storage is protecting it from damage and theft. When you store your boat at a secure location, you have the benefit of security systems you may not be able to afford at home.

Using a trusted storage company also helps protect your vessel from damage. Not only does this help maintain the appearance and performance of your boat but also helps it retain its value over time. You’ve made an important investment and you’ll want to keep it looking and running like new for a long time.

Covered vs Uncovered Storage

When storing your boat at a storage facility you have the option of choosing a covered unit or storing it uncovered. There are pros can cons to both, so which one you choose will depend on your specific needs.


The obvious benefit of choosing a covered unit is that you’re protecting your vessel from the elements, specifically moisture. Rain, snow, and ice can do a lot of damage to your boat if it hasn’t been winterized properly.

Storing your boat in a covered unit also gives you a bit more protection from theft. If you’ve done your homework and chosen a secure storage facility, this isn’t a huge worry. Some folks may want that added level of protection that a covered unit provides.


This method of boat storage is the most popular for a number of reasons. It is generally less expensive than storing your boat indoors. Avid boaters also prefer uncovered storage because it allows them easier access to their vessel. When your boat is out in the open it’s easier to access for repairs as well.

Another benefit to uncovered storage for sailboats is that the mast can stay in place. Height is a limitation when looking at covered storage and you may have to remove the mast in order to make sure it will fit.

Either method you choose, you will still need to winterize your boat which will add to the overall costs of storage. Whether you choose a quality boat cover or decide to shrink wrap your boat, you’ll need some method of keeping moisture out to prevent mold and mildew. Getting your boat ready for storage is a vital step in protecting it from damage.

Ideal Storage Features

You love your boat and you want to make sure you’ll get many years of enjoyment from your investment. Where to store a boat is as important as how to store a boat. The storage place you choose should have some standard features to give you peace of mind about trusting them with your treasure.

One of the most important factors you should consider when choosing storage for your boat is the security measures in place at the facility. You’ll want to look for things like proper lighting, multiple security cameras, and a locked gate with a code.

Size definitely matters when looking for a place to store your boat. Some places simply don’t have the space to accommodate larger boats. If you own a large fishing or sailboat, you’ll need plenty of room.

Another thing to consider is the storage facility focus. Are they geared specifically toward boats and other recreational vehicles or are they a more generalized storage company? For the most assurance that your boat is in good hands, choosing a company that specializes in storing boats is far preferable.

Cost to Store a Boat

So how much does it cost to store a boat? Well, that depends on the size of your boat and whether you’re looking to store it covered or uncovered.

Here is the general breakdown of covered and uncovered storage costs.


  • Fishing Boat 10×20  $75/month
  • Fishing Boat 10×25  $99/month
  • Sailboat       10×35  $119/month
  • Sailboat       10×45  $129/month


  • Fishing Boat 12×25  $179/month
  • Fishing Boat 12×45  $325/month
  • Fishing Boat 12×70  $499/month
  • Sailboat       11×40  $289/month
  • Sailboat       12×40  $289/month
  • Ski Boat       12×30  $214/month
  • Ski Boat       12×35  $249/month

These prices may vary from facility to facility. Some will cost much more for the same size. It’s important to look at the whole package when deciding. What the facility offers and the size of the units are big factors to consider along with the price.

Moving in

Proper boat storage is crucial to extending the life of your boat and ensuring you spend the maximum amount of time out on the water. When calculating the overall cost of owning a boat, it’s important to include what it will cost to store a boat. It’s a worthwhile and sometimes necessary expense to protect your boat.

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